Hannah's SurpriseTonight’s SNL 40th Anniversary sent my DVR into haywire mode. Its first victim was Girls, which recorded a couple of hours later…on HBO Latino. Yeah. I don’t speak Spanish. But you know what? Not being able to understand a single word other than “si” or “pequeño” makes the show almost tolerable. And way easier to recap. Here goes nada:

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Girls Is Back And Mediocre Than Ever

Hannah's Horrible Shirt

Golden Globe loser and human rumpus room Lena Dunham is back with her fourth season of Girls. The theme of this season is brought to us by Frank Sinatra:

If I can make it there, I’m gonna make it anywhere.
And if I can’t, I’ll just go to grad school. Continue reading

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Girls Season 3, Ep. 8: Incidentals

Girls Season 3 Episode 8

Hannah is waiting at a bistro for Patti LuPone so that she can conduct an interview. Adam calls her from his callback and he’s super duper nervous. He gets off the phone and meets another actor who looks very much like him, but who is reading for a different part in the Broadway show. Aww, Patti LuPone cancels the interview. But good news for Adam, he got the part. He goes into the bathroom, stuffs paper towels into his mouth, and does a muffled shout that almost makes him charming. His buddy from the waiting room also got the part, so they bro out and ride off on a motorcycle. Continue reading
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Girls Season 3, Ep. 7: Beach House

Girls Season 3 Episode 7 Beach House

Gorgeous flowers, Marnie. Those must’ve cost your parents a pretty penny. And where are you placing them? By the bedside of each of your house guests? At your beach house? With a view of the ocean? Yeah. If you ever thought this show was about you and your friends, you were wrong. It’s not. It’s about those people, and theirfriends. You know, the ones who step off of the Hampton Jitney in giant straw hats. Continue reading
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Girls Season 3, Ep. 6: Free Snacks

Girls Season 3 Episode 6

Hannah is working in the coffee shop, screwing up orders and quitting her job. Someone saw something that she wrote and gave her a staff writing gig at GQ magazine. Ray knows that nobody would ever hire her to write a real article, so it must be an advertorial. Which it is, because it’s sponsored by Neiman Marcus. Also, newsflash! Writing one (sponsored) article per issue does not pay the bills such that a person who is a writer anywhere other than the television can quit their day job. Or their second day job. And it definitely does not get you a cubicle in an office at a magazine. In reality, it’s a freelance writing gig and it pays reasonably well, if you bang out enough of them per month. But whatever. Continue reading

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