Survivor, Episode 7: Swoop in for the Kill

Survivor Episode 7 CBS Swoop In For The Kill

So remember how last week on Survivor, Kat was worried that Hayden wouldn’t love her anymore because boys don’t like girls who don’t make it to the merge? Well, that escalated to a full-on emotional breakdown.  She practically threw herself at her man’s feet wailing, “Don’t leave me, Hayden! Please don’t leave me! I can’t spell and I’m no good at puzzles, but I’m a good person! I mean not really a good person, but I’m young and mildly attractive, so don’t leave me!” Continue reading

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Top Chef Season 11, Episode 5

Top Chef Season 11 Week 5 Padma Mom Gail Mom

All of the pantry ingredients and kitchen tools are wrapped in tinfoil of no particular brand for the Quickfire Challenge. The chefs are divided into two teams and have thirty minutes to create three dishes. And, Padma and Gail’s mommies are going to shop in the pantry for all of their ingredients and tools. And, the chefs have to use every ingredients in their shopping carts. This is going to be fun. Also, Gail’s mom is way hotter than Padma’s mom. Continue reading

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 17, Week 7

Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy - DWTS Week 7 - Quickstep

We’re back, and we’re dancier than ever with a promise of guest judge and legend Cher next week. To start things off we’ve got Elizabeth Berkley and Val something-or-other over-emoting as they dance what I assume is some sort of hand jive but turns out to be ballroom if that gives you any idea of how ridiculous this is. She’s a really lovely dancer, but she seems like an exhausting human. Spin spin spin, limbs limbs limbs, and the judges gush gush gush for a total of 27 points. Continue reading

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The Amazing Race, Episode 5: Get Our Groove On

The Amazing Race Get Our Groove On Neptune Statues

This week on The Amazing Race the teams have been racing for about thirty hours and must travel by ferry and airplane to Poland. The ferry doesn’t leave until the evening, which gives all of the teams time to catch up, and it’s a thirty-four hour boat ride. I Hate You Too secretly gave the Express Pass to the Doctors in the hopes that the other teams will continue sucking up to them in the hopes of winning their prize. Kind of smart, but I want them to get stuck in customs. Or a luggage compartment. Continue reading

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Million Dollar Shoppers Season 1, Episode 3: Bye Bye Birkin

Million Dollar Shoppers cast Recap: Million Dollar Shoppers Season 1 Episode 3   Bye Bye Birkin

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