How I Met Your Mother: Knight Vision

How I Met Your Mother - Barney Lily Ted Bar Scene

Barney, Robin, and Lily are planning Ted’s conquest because Friday night drinks before a weekend wedding is when the lucky lady must be selected, just like Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail. Ted’s top three prospects are Robin’s college roommate who sounds like a car alarm from the 90s during sex, Cassie, whose career as a gymnast was cut short when her boobs got too big, and Grace who gets around at the office often and with gusto. Ted picks Cassie, because gymnast plus boobs equals duh. Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother, The Final Season

Recap: How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Premiere

Episode 1: The Locket

Because I’ve never watched even a single episode of How I Met Your Mother, I thought it’d be a good, no, a great idea to recap the final season. I am told by an avid viewer that this show really is about a guy (Ted) telling his kids how he met their mother, and that after about forty-seven years, he finally gets up to the part of the story where he meets this elusive lady. I suppose that’s one way to write a sitcom. So here goes nothing. Or something. Continue reading

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