I Wanna Marry Harry: Hello Dum Dum


I tried not to watch, I really did. But sometimes a gal needs to watch other gals embarrass themselves on the television, and the only cure is a poorly-premised reality show. If it helps, I skipped the first half hour where we learn all about the first-class cast and dove right in at the very moment our handsome faux prince met the dozen-or-so women who are too dense to know any better. Continue reading

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The Amazing Race Season Finale

The Amazing Race Season Finale Roadblock challenge

It’s the twelfth and final leg, and it sends teams to Las Vegas. And oh, surprise! Brendon and Rachel live in Las Vegas. Of course they do, because it’s the tackiest place on earth. The Howells leave first at 4:31 a.m., followed by My Family Is Famous a few minutes later. When Brendon and Rachel rip open their envelope, the squeeling can be heard all the way across the pond. Continue reading

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Mad Men: Don Draper Is Back, Baby!

mad men recap

Remember Don’s dead wife’s daughter, Stephanie? She’s gone full hippie and calls Don to tell him that she’s in Los Angeles, pregnant and running out of money. Don gives Stephanie Megan’s address and tells her that he will fly out to see her that night. Megan seems oddly okay with it and cancels a party she was planning so… they’re back together again in wedded bliss and harmony? Continue reading

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