The Amazing Race, Ep. 10: Bull Down

BullBallzThis week on The Amazing Race: The Howells leave Zurich and head for Seville with four teams hot on their heels and a U-Turn ahead. The plan is to U-Turn Brendon and Rachel, but that plan has gone awry in the past so who knows.

The Cowboys missed their exit for the airport while Brendon and Rachel stop at a travel agency. They learn that the first flight to Seville has already left, but what they don’t know is that the Howells and the Cousins are on that flight. The remaining three teams fly to Barcelona where they will spend the night before arriving in Seville early in the morning. I guess they’re banking on a task that doesn’t open until the morning? And of course, the first clue must wait until 8:30 a.m.

The Howells and the Cousins get their clues first and work together to U-Turn Brendon and Rachel. Roadblock! Become barbers of Seville to shave a balloon in 60 seconds. They both fail on the first try, but then the Howells pass on the second and the Cousins third.


The Cowboys and My Family Is Famous start shaving balloons while Brendon and Rachel’s cab driver is lost somewhere in Seville. Oh, it’s delicious to watch. When they finally arrive, My Family Is Famous is on her third try and the Cowboys on the second. Ugh, Rachel finishes the Roadblock first. Then one of the blondes gets it, leaving the Cowboys in last place.

Detour! Spanish Steps or Run With the Ballz. In Spanish Steps, teams join a flamenco group and do a little dancey-dance. In Run with the Ballz, teams put on giant bull bubble suits and run a course while trying to memorize a phrase on the walls. The Howells and the Cousins do the run. It’s a tight fit between buildings and there are other bubble bulls that knock them down. Wow, this is rather violent!

Even though they are in last place, the Cowboys get to the Detour first. But they take a wrong turn and can’t find the clue box, giving Brendon and Rachel a head start. Meanwhile, My Family Is Famous have a Speed Bump that requires them to deliver hams. It’s a no-brainer like every Speed Bump and they finish just as the Cowboys find their clue.

Everyone runs in the bull balls except for My Family Is Famous who dance with the flamingos, which I am disappointed to learn does not require standing on one leg. Holy cow, the bull ball attacks are really serious! I don’t know how the elder Howell made it out of there in one piece. The Howells finish first and are on to the next clue while the Cousins are being battered by the bulls (and throwing a few punches themselves). And then, a kneecap pops. That’s going to slow them down.

The Howells get to the U-Turn first, and its’ a Double U-Turn. For some insane reason, they choose not to U-Turn anyone. Weak! Instead, they jog to the pit stop. Anyway, I’m loving watching Rachel whine about how the bulls should be gentler with the girls. “They’re so mean to me! They’re bullying me!” Ugh, the Cowboys missed the first part of their clue and have to go back.


The Cousins U-Turn the Cowboys as the strongest team in the hopes that the Cowboys will U-Turn Brendon and Rachel. But it’s Brendon and Rachel who get to the U-Turn next, and they choose not to U-Turn anyone.

The Howells are Team Number One. Again. Hahaha, Rachel fell on her way to the pit stop. Brendon and Rachel check in as Team Number Two since the Cousins are limping along with  a bum knee. They check in as Team Number Three.

The Cowboys finally finish up the Detour, but so does My Family Is Famous. So if the Cowboys don’t make it to the U-Turn in time, they’re done for. Oh no! My Family Is Famous arrive first and U-Turn Brendon and Rachel, not realizing that they’re ahead. My Family Is Famous checks in as Team Number Four, not yet realizing that the Cowboys are out.

The Cowboys do their flamenco dance and just have fun with it since they know all hope is lost. Jet and Cord are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the Race.

Next week, soccer! I mean football! And Rachel cries.

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