Survivor, Ep. 11: Havoc to Wreak


So on Survivor, there’s this person? Named Jefra? And she got voted out? But nobody learned their lesson? Or at least that’s how I read the situation, from Tony’s point of view.

Tony talks “strategy” about people with Spencer and Woo, which allows Kass to listen in on the conversation. And she doesn’t like what she hears. Well, this is quite the wake-up call. And, because Kass is an idiot, she lets Tony know that she heard everything he said about her, which he denies. The bickering continues for, like, an entire day. Or two days. Or forever. It’s definitely forever.

Well, everyone finally looks like they’re starving. Trish is skeletal, and Kass isn’t far behind. The Reward Challenge requires throwing sandbags to destroy a wall, and rebuild a wall. And the reward is all about bringing school supplies to a local school, so it’s “nourishment for the soul.” Throwing, building, and the reward goes to Spencer, Kass, and Woo. The big question is, can Kass use the time to influence Spencer and Woo’s game?

Maybe. Tony pissed off Spencer and he wants him out, so Spencer might stick with Kass to flush out the Idol. There’s a lukewarm “final three” alliance, but Woo is a tough read. He’s noncommittal, in a committal kind of way. Back at camp, Woo tells Tony that the plan is to vote out Tasha. So maybe Woo is on board with this very, very, very loose alliance. But Tony’s not as stupid as he looks, sounds, and acts, and he knows there’s something wrong about Spencer not proposing getting rid of Tony. However, at this point in the game, Tony has no one to turn to for advice except the camera.


The Immunity Challenge is about counting stuff at six different stations along the beach to learn the combination to a lock at the other end of the beach. After so much exhausting back-and-forth that I can’t even count how many times the players have run a length of beach that I can’t traverse without medical attention, Spencer wins the Immunity Idol.

Tasha, Spencer, and Woo agree to split the votes—women vote for Trisha, and men vote for Tony. That way if Tony has an Immunity Idol, at least they know that Trisha is going home. But Kass’s brain goes into overdrive and she considers whether going up against Tony in the end might possibly be a good thing since everybody hates Tony.

At Tribal Council, it is clear that the plan is to flush out one of Tony’s many Immunity Idols. But Tony doesn’t play his regular old Immunity Idol, instead waiting to find out if he has been voted out. The votes are read: Tasha, Tony, Trish, Tasha, Tasha. Are you kidding me?! What is wrong with you people? Tasha was supposed to win this thing. Ugh!

Next week, Kass pisses Tony and Trish off about something she said, or did.

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