The Amazing Race, Episode 8: Donkeylicious


On this week’s The Amazing Race, Brendon and Rachel are the first to leave at 7:30 a.m. and drive to a remote Italian village. The next teams, My Family Is Famous and the Howells, leave about an hour later and work together to get to the destination. The Cowboys depart a few minutes later and remind us that they must use their Express Pass during this leg. Last to hit the road are the Globetrotters and the Cousins. It looks like we’ve got ourselves a race! Continue reading

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Mad Men Recap: What’s Happening, Peggy?

Mad Men Ad AgencyDon wakes up for another busy day of nowhere to go and nothing to do. He watches “The Little Rascals,” eats some Ritz Crackers, marks his booze levels and watches a cockroach amble into his bedroom. And then, Dawn delivers some papers and office gossip in exchange for money. It’s almost like Don’s a work addict looking for his next fix, and it’s uncomfortable to watch. Continue reading

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Bob’s Burgers Season 4: The Equestranauts

Bob's Burgers Season 4 The Equestranauts Ponies

The kids are watching The Equestranauts in preparation for the Equestra Con, which is a convention for people who love the tiny horsie cartoon. Tina is bringing her toy pony, Chariot. But when they get there, it’s pretty much all men dressed up as colorful ponies. Sort of like your worst nightmare of what you might image a Bronie convention to be like, but everyone is much, much older. Continue reading

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The Amazing Race, Ep. 7: The Gladiators are Here


The seventh leg of The Amazing Race begins in Sri Lanka with the Cousins departing at 2:41 p.m. for the “eternal city,” which they must figure out is Rome, Italy. The Cowboys depart one minute later and already know where they are going. Everyone else is within an hour, and Rachel wipes out running to the travel agency that is sort of delightful to watch. Continue reading

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Mad Men Season 7, Ep. 1: What Is Happening To Everyone?

mad man season 7

Freddie is freelancing for Sterling Cooper Draper Price And What Is The Name Of This Agency Again and pitches a revolutionary new ad concept to Peggy. She is blown away, but not half as blown away as I am at the scene in Roger’s bedroom. Oh hi, naked Roger Sterling post-orgy. How I’ve missed your irreverent antics. And Joan, don’t you look lovely in purple? She’s bringing the Avon files to a stressed out Cosgrove. He demands more underlings in order to look important. So, he cancels whatever meeting he’s supposed to have, as a power move. And he tells Joan to “make it go away.” I… thought Joan was a partner? Or has she been demoted to secretary? Again. Continue reading

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