Project Runway Season 12, Episode 11: Printastic

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Top Chef Masters Season 5 Finale

Top Chef Masters Season 5 Top 3 Finalists

Welcome to the finale of Top Chef Masters! Our finalists are Jennifer, Bryan, and Douglas. The contestants arrive in Santa Monica and pull up to a table in an empty church to eat a delicious meal of prawns, ravioli, and lemon cream cooked by Curtis. Bryan reminisces about losing Top Chef to his brother, and Curtis compares the Real Chef/Sous Chef relationship to a marriage. For the final challenge, the chefs must cook food throughout their cooking careers: something old, something new, something borrowed…and something Sous, a dish created by their Sous Chefs. Bryan’s Sous Chef won the Battle of the Sous Chefs, so good for Graham. Douglas’s Sous Chef made the least favorite dish, so his Sous Chef will not be there for seven hours of shopping and prep time. Ouch. Continue reading

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Survivor Season 27, Episode 2: Rule in Chaos

Recap: Survivor, Episode 2: “Rule in Chaos”

So how’s everybody doing on their island somewhere maybe near Japan, the Philippines, or Croatia? Marissa arrives at Redemption Island all sorts of blindsided and quickly turns it into BitchAndMoan Island. The returning contestants are all lovey dovey backrubby, but Colton is sooooo over it. The newbies are fishing with a Hawaiian sling that just magically appeared on the island because heaven forbid a Survivor contestant should go hungry. The women realize they are down on the numbers, so Rachel is trying to work her way into Dalliance (Dude Alliance, for those not keeping score). After bellies are filled and plans are formed, everyone heads to Redemption Island to witness the first duel. Continue reading

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Face Off Season 5 Episode 7:Living Art

Face Off Season 5 Episode 7 Living Art Laura Final Looks

The lab is filled with candelabras and models and Elvira. Did I mention Elvira? Yowza, how old is she? Doesn’t matter, she still looks good, I guess. The challenge is to create a new Mistress of the Dark with the assistance of a hair stylist. In two hours. Tate creates a kickass bride-of-Frankenstein-meets-sexy-nurse, but the win goes to Roy’s Elmira, the long lost cousin of Elvira, because it has that spooky sexy humor that is essential to Elvira’s schtick.  He gets immunity for the next Spotlight Challenge and a massive makeup collection. Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother, The Final Season

Recap: How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Premiere

Episode 1: The Locket

Because I’ve never watched even a single episode of How I Met Your Mother, I thought it’d be a good, no, a great idea to recap the final season. I am told by an avid viewer that this show really is about a guy (Ted) telling his kids how he met their mother, and that after about forty-seven years, he finally gets up to the part of the story where he meets this elusive lady. I suppose that’s one way to write a sitcom. So here goes nothing. Or something. Continue reading

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Dancing With the Stars, Season 17: Episode 2

This week, the “stars” dance “passionate Latin routines” before learning who has to exit stage left. First up is a sexy samba from Elizabeth and Val. Her practice on the pole serves her well with the samba, though she can’t quite do a full split. For some reason Steven Tyler is watching, probably because he’s a huge Showgirls fan. Old man was so close and something about a tiny little thing, the squirrelly guy is impressed, and the nice lady chair dances her approval for a score of 25. Continue reading

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