Project Runway Season 10: Loser’s Loungewear

Spoiler alert! Fabio Costa lost Project Runway Season 10. The good-natured runner-up who sent a collection of salt water taffy down the runway has vowed to continue designing and hopes to one day have his own line of hair scrunchies. Some guy named Dmitry won the whole shebang with a collection of separates that I’m pretty sure I saw in the window of Zara’s two years ago. And with that, we conclude yet another forgettable season. Sigh. 

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666 Park Avenue: Don’t Open The Door!

Just a little dinner with The Devil! Num-num! Can I have some of that Burgundy?

Drunk Mommy with this weeks installation of 666 Park Avenue, the demonic real estate porn. We begin with a tender, romantic moment between the Artist Formerly Known as John Locke and…his building. Awww. If I owned that building, I would have Patsy Cline in my heart at all times, too. Of course, I would hopefully not be The Devil, but that’s just me. Continue reading

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Last Resort. Its All So Very Serious.

She is so Seriously ready to shoot someone. I know just what that feels like.

Drunk Mommy back with a belated recap of the second Serious Actor Face episode of Last Resort. Sorry for the delay, but Nyquil has been my drink of choice lately. Whee! But enough about me, here we are again in the exotic and tropical land of Serious Actor Faces. Immediate note to self and Captain Andre Braugher: If my child was serving in the US Army, I might choose NOT to blow up Washington DC. Could cramp their career options. Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Season Three Premiere: Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Undying

Yay! It’s finally here! After months and months of zombie-free television, The Walking Dead is back with a new season of rotting flesh and gnawing teeth. And the show wastes no time giving us our sweet, sweet zombie fix. The season opens with Ranger Rick, Asian Kid, Black Guy, and Redneck searching a house and killing zombies. Carl is in the house with them which is weird because Rule Number One of The Walking Dead is that Carl is never in the house. Continue reading

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ZOMG! It’s The Walking Dead!

I took a look at the mountain of crap piled up in my dummy box’s recording device, and to my genuine surprise I found a gift from the television fairies. A present? For me? You totally should have. It’s the extended trailer for the new season of The Walking Dead, which airs Sunday night at 9pm on AMC. Continue reading

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Real Housewives of New York: She Paid Good Money For That Face

When the Real Housewives of Insert City Here gather for a reunion show, a knock-down-drag-out two-episode cage match is inevitable. There are winners, and there are losers. (Spoiler alert! The viewers are the losers.) And then, there is Ramona Singer’s face.

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Breaking Amish: Like Breaking Bad, Only With Much Less Meth

Have you seen Breaking Amish? It’s on TLC, which is short for The Loony Corral. Five young Amish people are plunked down in the middle of Manhattan and must learn how to sort of fend for themselves. I say “sort of” because it appears that they have been given hotel rooms (one for the boys and one for the girls so that no naughty bits cross paths) and some spending money. Continue reading

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Revolution Recap: Why Am I Still Watching This Dreck?

That’s a very, very good question. I don’t know. Maybe because I’m an idiot, but not a quitter. Or maybe I just care about the hundreds tens of readers who are waiting with baited breath for their next recap. But whatever the reason, here I am and here it is, another truly terrible episode of Revolution. Continue reading

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666 Park Avenue: A Terrible Place to Live

Pzzzzt! Lights Out Blondie!

What do adult New Yorkers love – dare I say it? – more than alcohol? Real estate porn. Especially aspirational real estate porn which, according to the address listed in the title, is what this show is about. But this is less Million Dollar Listing: New York and more Rosemary’s Baby. Continue reading

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