There’s Time To Iron In The Zombie Apocalypse?!

Carol The Walking Dead

Where did Carol get her extensive collection of sensible ladies’ wear? And how are her collars so neatly pressed in the zombie apocalypse? It’s all just so contrary to everything I know about the end of civilization. Maggie, too. She’s sporting a pressed button-down that is less wrinkled than I’ve been on any job interview. Ugh, even Li’l Asskicker has a North West-level wardrobe. Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: After

the-walking-dead-after-michonneThe prison is burning, and the walkers are having a hootenanny. Oh what’s this? Michonne, again walking freely among them. She looks tired and just a little bit pissed off. She finds two more zombies to keep as pets. When she stumbles across old man Hershel’s head, she puts its out of its misery. You know what this looks like? It looks like the beginnings of a very good season. Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale: Worst. War. Ever.

Blondie Andrea The Walking Dead

The episode begins with the Governor beating the crap out of Milton in an effort to get him to nut up. Blondie is still chained to a bad kind of chair with a shmear of too-neat-and-too-bright-to-be-real blood on her forehead. The Governor orders Milton to kill Blondie, but instead of carrying out those very specific and simple orders, Milton turns the knife on the Governor. Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Season Three Premiere: Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Undying

Yay! It’s finally here! After months and months of zombie-free television, The Walking Dead is back with a new season of rotting flesh and gnawing teeth. And the show wastes no time giving us our sweet, sweet zombie fix. The season opens with Ranger Rick, Asian Kid, Black Guy, and Redneck searching a house and killing zombies. Carl is in the house with them which is weird because Rule Number One of The Walking Dead is that Carl is never in the house. Continue reading

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