The Walking Dead Episode 12: Stop Being Terrible

Morgan The Walking Dead

I have a few problems with this last episode of The Walking Dead.¬†Like, how on earth are Rick and Carl back in their hometown? ¬†They’ve been on the road for a year and, what? They just circled back? And they’re talking about Woodbury like it’s a foreign, unknown place when really it’s just four towns over. The prison must be in their backyard, too. Or did they take a majorly long road trip, leaving the rest of the crew (including Rick’s baby) back at a prison that is about to be invaded by a lunatic Governor?

And why was Carl just casually leaning against the window pane of the cafe with a few dozen hungry, chompy zombies dying (heh, dying) to get out? Those windows must be made of magic glass because not a single zombie smashed its hand through.

So, Morgan. He looked pretty neat and tidy for a crazy person holed up in an apartment with no running water or electricity. At what point during the zombie apocalypses do you stop ironing your button-down shirts and switch to something a bit more casual? Because for me, that happens at way less than the one-year mark.

Other than that, I thought it was a fine episode.

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