Community Episode 4: World War Study Room

Community Episode 4: World War Study Room

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So we’re back in school and our group is jealous of the students in the history of ice cream class. Game of Thrones joke, Real World joke, and they confront a couple of…German exchange students? One last Die Hardjoke, and Professor Cornwallis (played by Malcolm McDowell) tries to teach some history. He explains that history can be seen from a multitude of vantage points, and challenges the students to look at history from different angles. Like, what if history was written not by the victims, but by the vanquishers. The students learn that the essay portion of their upcoming exam will ask them to describe historical battles from both perspectives, without the use of dioramas.

Kevin is back and he still has Changnesia so a psychologist recommends emersion therapy and dumps Kevin on Dean Pelton.

The Germans are hogging the regular study table because something about a coffeehouse being closed, combined with German jokes. I think Chevy Chase insulted both Vietnam and Canada, and Abed realizes that he and one of the Germans play video games together.

The next day, the Germans are still at their study table. They like the table. They want the table. They call security. “Do you have a sign-in sheet?” “You’re asking for our papers? I thought this was America.” Annie declares war on Germany.

The Germans commandeer the study room the next day, too, and our crew ends up in a storage closet with fluorescent lighting. Chevy Chase electrocutes himself but not enough to kill him off entirely. They try even earlier the next morning and are again relegated to the storage closet. On day three, they get there “crazy early” and still no study room. Back to the storage closet, where all of their chairs break in a reference to something I’m not getting because this is supposed to be funny, right?

Jeff is not willing to give up the place they became a family. He decides to go Hogan’s Heroes on the Germans. All they need is a ruse. Bring on Oktoberfest, complete with luftballoons. The Germans are suspicious, especially of the giant German chocolate cake with nothing hiding inside of it except for Troy. As the Germans take a sip of the German beer, they are busted for celebrating their own cultural heritage (which apparently is against school policy) and are banned from certain school amenities, including study rooms.

The rest of the school protests their hogging of the study room because they’ve had it for three years and the only time anyone stood up to them, they got banned. So the study tables have turned, and now they are the Germans. Huh.

Meanwhile, Kevin is camping out in Dean Pelton’s office before checking himself into jail for all of the bad things that he’s done. Dean Pelton bails him out while dressed in a sexy nurse’s outfit because the real Kevin would never have showed remorse, so this proves that he really does have Changnesia.

Over German chocolate cake, Annie suggests that Jeff is Hitler. Naturally, Chevy Chase wants to be Hitler. Then, Jeff thinks that the history professor set the whole thing up to teach them the lesson that one man’s hero is another man’s villain. But he really just showed up to let them know that they missed the test. And failed. Which opens the door to another season of Community because Winger doesn’t have enough credits to graduate.

Instead of continuing their battle with the Germans, the group fixes up the storage closet study room for the next batch of students. Then Kevin shows up and everyone freaks out but I don’t know what that means because I still haven’t watched the first three seasons.

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