Lindsay, Episode 4

Dina Lohan Oprah Lindsay Lohan Recap: Lindsay, Episode 4

Where is she? Dina! Dina! Get ready for your close-up! Dina’s body is very, very orange, and she must have pissed off the make-up artist something fierce because her face is a totally different shade of white white. “Do you have any regrets about allowing Lindsay to go to California at that age?” Well she was nineteen, Oprah. I couldn’t stop her. Let me rattle off the excuses. Ugh. Dina, Dina, Dina. Your parenting skills are as questionable as your fashion sense. Continue reading

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Survivor, Ep. 5: We Found Our Zombies


Having voted out the only tribe member who can get stuff off of the top shelf on last week’s Survivor, the Cilantro tribe is split, and angry. And Lindsey lets Trisha know exactly how she feels. “Everything about you is annoying, your laugh, your teeth, your face….I think you’re annoying, I think you’re terrible, I think you’re the most horrific person I’ve ever met….” And that’s just the first thirty seconds. Continue reading

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Survivor, Ep. 4: Odd One Out

Recap: Survivor, Episode 4: Odd One Out

After voting out a bundle of insanity, the brains tribe has been whittled down to Kass, Tasha, and Spencer. They hug it out and vow to stick together blah blah blah. But at the first challenge, it’s “Drop your buffs.” So…whoops? The players divide into two new tribes, Parma and Cilantro. The brains tribe is all sticking together with a smattering of brawn and a little bit of beauty, and the other tribe looks awfully brawny. Continue reading

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