Lindsay, Episode 4

Dina Lohan Oprah Lindsay Lohan Recap: Lindsay, Episode 4

Where is she? Dina! Dina! Get ready for your close-up! Dina’s body is very, very orange, and she must have pissed off the make-up artist something fierce because her face is a totally different shade of white white. “Do you have any regrets about allowing Lindsay to go to California at that age?” Well she was nineteen, Oprah. I couldn’t stop her. Let me rattle off the excuses. Ugh. Dina, Dina, Dina. Your parenting skills are as questionable as your fashion sense. Continue reading

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A Terrible Star Hits The Small Screen

Walking calamity Lindsay Lohan graces our televisions tonight in what is sure to be a terrible made-for-tv-movie, Liz & Dick. Don’t get too excited, it’s only a Lifetime movie, so it’s about the Richard Burton kind of dick (as opposed to the Cinemax variety), with Lindsay Lohan playing the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. Continue reading

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