Lindsay, Episode 4

Dina Lohan Oprah Lindsay Lohan Recap: Lindsay, Episode 4

Where is she? Dina! Dina! Get ready for your close-up! Dina’s body is very, very orange, and she must have pissed off the make-up artist something fierce because her face is a totally different shade of white white. “Do you have any regrets about allowing Lindsay to go to California at that age?” Well she was nineteen, Oprah. I couldn’t stop her. Let me rattle off the excuses. Ugh. Dina, Dina, Dina. Your parenting skills are as questionable as your fashion sense. Continue reading

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Lindsay, Episode 1: Lindsay Does Oprah

Recap: Lindsay, Episode 1

The show begins four days after Lindsay Lohan completed ninety days of court-ordered rehab. Oprah starts out by greeting her backstage and finding out what she wants out of this interview. “Just to be…honest and open, you know, just me. Yeah.” And we all know that when Lindsay says she’s speaking the truth, she is speaking the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Mmm hmm. Continue reading

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