Revolution Recap: More Coincidences Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Okay, let’s try this again. Revolution is the show where all the lights go out and the world turns into a very special episode of Little House on the Prairie. The credits say that C. Thomas Howell is a guest star, but since I only remember him from his fine work in Soul Man and it’s unlikely that he will be wearing blackface on this show, I doubt that I will recognize him when I see him. Continue reading

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Last Resort. A Lot of Sweaty Serious Actor Faces

Sweaty, Hotty and Grumpy

I come to Last Resort a virtual virgin – I have literally no idea what this show is supposed to be about, but Scott Speedman and Andre Braugher are on it, so I am willing to give it a try. Resting on the laurels of Felicity and Homicide, how can the show go wrong? I will pair it with a nice Sauvignon Blanc. And be warned, I am not investing in learning any character names yet. Continue reading

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Guys With Kids, Epic Parental Fail

Meet your newest writer, DrunkMommy. She is a wine aficionado with two matching toddlers and has been known to watch some really lousy television. 

So there seems to be a theme to Terrible Television, and we are only two shows deep. That theme is ‘how dumb do these writers think we are?’ Or perhaps it is ‘how dumb are these writers?’ But I am trying to give the writers a little credit for perhaps looking down on us, rather than up to us. I mean, they are the ones getting paid the big bucks for network television shows, correct? And we are the mere peasants blogging about their terrible shows. For free. But don’t let that stop you from reading. Continue reading

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A Terrible Call

I was waiting for the football game to be over so that I could change the channel to anything but sports, and something amazing happened. A guy in blue spandex threw the ball, and a guy in a yellow helmet caught it, and one referee, a legally blind day laborer, threw his hands in the air, which I am told means “touchdown!” The other referee, a middle school gym teacher, made a different move with his arms that either means “check, please” or “interception.” So congratulations, sports. You are terrible.

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Revolution Series Premiere: Great Idea, Disappointing Execution

I’m a sucker for sci-fi. I love global destruction, dystopian societies, and end-of-the-world calamities. So when I saw the commercial for Revolution, I was pretty damned excited. Not only did it promise mystery and intrigue combined with stunning visuals of a weird, changed world, but it had some rather impressive names attached. J.J. Abrams, Jon Favreau, and television’s bestest bad boy, Giancarlo Esposito.  But only minutes into the season premiere, I knew the show would fall far short of my expectations. Continue reading

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