Guys With Kids: Terrible News

We’ve come so far from this moment of extreme stupidity

I am sorry to say that Guys with Kids has jumped the Terrible Television shark and become, dare I say it, not Terrible. In fact, my husband spent a significant portion of last night’s episode laughing his proverbial, but very real, ass off. And, don’t tell him I said this, but he wasn’t wrong. It was funny.

So RIP, Guys with Kids Parental Fail, and long live Guys with Kids Not A Terrible Show. I’m off to drown my sorrows in an un-oaked chardonnay. Perhaps the acidity will burn away the bitter taste in my mouth.

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Guys With Kids, Epic Parental Fail

Meet your newest writer, DrunkMommy. She is a wine aficionado with two matching toddlers and has been known to watch some really lousy television. 

So there seems to be a theme to Terrible Television, and we are only two shows deep. That theme is ‘how dumb do these writers think we are?’ Or perhaps it is ‘how dumb are these writers?’ But I am trying to give the writers a little credit for perhaps looking down on us, rather than up to us. I mean, they are the ones getting paid the big bucks for network television shows, correct? And we are the mere peasants blogging about their terrible shows. For free. But don’t let that stop you from reading. Continue reading

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