Toned Up, Episodes 5 & 6: Double Dumb-Dumb

Toned Up Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5: “Two’s Company but Three’s a Crowd”

The girls are filming on the beach, and it’s a very professional operation. There’s lots of lipstick, and Karena’s foundation for her one-on-one interviews is totally the wrong color because it’s impossible to replicate the orange glow of tanning cream. Also, when Karena’s under stress, she makes cat noises. Which is weird, because when my cat is under stress, she makes Karena noises. And she wonders why she’s single…. Continue reading

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Archer Season 5, Episode 3: A Debt of Honor

Archer Season 5 Episode 3 Archer Vice (2)

Malory believes they are ruined because Archer received Monopoly money for his troubles, but they still have their cocaine. Or, at least the cocaine that Pam didn’t yet eat. They need a big ticket item like a big bag of cocaine, or a Cadillac, that they can purchase with their counterfeit money. Or, as Cyril suggests, guns. But until they make a real plan, Cyril has to lock up all of the money and cocaine in a Scrooge McDuckian vault. Continue reading

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Bob’s Burgers Season 4: Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial

Bob's Burgers Season 4 Easy Com-mercial Easy Go-mercial 5

It’s Superbowl Weekend, and Jimmy Pesto’s restaurant across the street is starting early. So is Gene, who is holding all of his bowel movements until halftime, at which point he will make a giant poop. Linda talks some truth to her son. “Gene, you can’t hold your poops in soon, you gotta set them free so they can go down the sewer and find their families and they’re happy!” Continue reading

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Under the Gunn Episode 2: The Mentor Face Off

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