Teen Wolf, Season 3, Ep. 15: Galvanize


A man strapped to stretcher is wheeled into a hospital. Ooh! Scary! He must have shrapnel removed, and even speaking with him scares the crap out of the nurse. He starts freaking out over glowing eyes, which means he sees wolves? Or…something else? The surgeon jokingly suggests letting him bleed out, and then some gross blob tumor explodes in the patient’s guts and I think it was filled with flies, and then the patient gets up and skeedaddles out of the hospital. Well, that ain’t normal. Continue reading

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Teen Wolf, Season 3, Ep. 14: More Bad Than Good

Two dudes lost their shirts and are attached to an electrocuted chainlink fence by bad guys who want to know where “maloba” is, but they have no idea what they’re talking about at all. Out comes the scary chainsaw, and a creepy lady armed with a spoon calls off the hounds. “Where is the shewolf?” Okay, so that spoon is more like a very sharp knife, and she chips off Peter’s claw. I mean his finger. Eew? Continue reading

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