Archer: Smuggler’s Blues

Archer Vice Season 5 Episode 7 Smuggler's Blues (1)

More pounds of cocaine lost to Pam, but at least Lana got in some practice feeding a baby. Mallory gives Lana some real talk about how dreadful babies can be, and Cherlene clarifies that all babies should be drowned. Lana concludes that Archer has been trying to hard, but Mallory has a point. How hard is it to sell two thousand measly pounds of cocaine? Make that one thousand seven hundred and eighteen pounds of cocaine, thanks to Pam’s…appetite. Continue reading

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Lindsay, Episode 1: Lindsay Does Oprah

Recap: Lindsay, Episode 1

The show begins four days after Lindsay Lohan completed ninety days of court-ordered rehab. Oprah starts out by greeting her backstage and finding out what she wants out of this interview. “Just to be…honest and open, you know, just me. Yeah.” And we all know that when Lindsay says she’s speaking the truth, she is speaking the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Mmm hmm. Continue reading

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The Amazing Race All-Stars, Episode 2

Recap: The Amazing Race All-Stars, Episode 2

So did everyone forgo watching that little awards ceremony to follow The Amazing Race through one town in China? Yeah, me too. The least they could’ve done was, oh, I don’t know, go somewhere! Or do something! It was a geographically boring episode, but there were a few interesting tactical maneuvers. Instead of following our intrepid travelers from one task to another, let’s take a break and focus on what happens when you really mess things up. Continue reading
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