Survivor, Episode 3: Our Time to Shine

Recap: Survivor, Episode 3: Our Time to Shine

On this week’s Survivor, after Tribal Council, the beauty tribe regroups. Morgan is upset that Jeremiah changed his mind to vote out Brice. Who’s Jeremiah? Is he new?

The brains receive some Tree Mail about a reward challenge. So they practice finding sticks blindfolded because there’s really nothing else to do all day. At the challenge, it’s a caller and a blindfolded obstacle course, and the prize are three hens and a rooster for the winners, a dozen eggs for the second place tribe, and nothing for the losers. There’s lots of groins walking into hard, pointy obstacles and brains and beauty are tied. In the end, the beauty tribe wins the chickens. Then, in one of the more bizarre moments in Survivor challenges, J’Tia totally lost the challenge for the brains when she couldn’t figure out how to place a flag on a straw mat. Like, seriously. That’s all she had to do. I keep waiting to find out that she has the I.Q. of a small woodland creature and was planted on the tribe to cause chaos.


When the beauty tribe gets back to their beach, they find a clue to the Immunity Idol in the bag and of chickens and Jeremiah shares it with the group. Also, Alexis is a little confused about hens, roosters, and where eggs come from…wow. And with that, buh bye, chicken. You were too delicious for your own good.

The brawn tribe plans to vote out Cliff next because he doesn’t need the money and he’s a strong player. Sarah somehow gets Woo on board, even though Cliff is one of Woo’s sportsball idols. Then, they consider throwing the challenge. That’s an extreme solution to not a very big problem.

The challenge is one of those dive down to release a buoy and toss them into a basket. Naturally, J’Tia holds up her entire brain tribe due to her complete inability to dive three feet. Cass also craps out for the brain tribe, so I guess maybe their only hope is the brawn tribe throwing the challenge. The beauty tribe dominates the challenge, leaving brains and brawn to battle it out for last place again. Spencer’s mad diving skills brings the brains back into the game. Now it’s a shootout between the brains, and NBA star Cliff Robinson. Do you need me to explain how this pans out? Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! And brawn wins immunity, sending brains back to tribal council where they will hopefully take every last viewers’ advice and get rid of J’Tia.


The brains consider their options, of which there are only two:

  1. Keep Spencer and maybe, just maybe, win a challenge; or
  2.  Keep J’Tia and aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

After a whole mess of indecision, including Cass and Tasha weighing their options in not-even-trying-to-be-subtle side conversations at Tribal Council, the brains decide to keep Spencer and vote out J’Tia. Well good for them. Or not so much good for them because next week, drop your buffs! The three tribes are no more, and Spencer is going to flip on his former tribemates faster than a pancake at a Waffle House.

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