Survivor: Actions vs. Accusations

John Rocker Survivor Loser

Drew, noted Blue Tribe Climatologist, insists that a typhoon is headed their way so the tribe must reinforce the palm frond roof on their structure. Then, he takes a nap. In my several dozen years of watching Survivor, I have gained a bit of insight into the game and can say with a great deal of confidence that sleeping is never, ever, ever a good strategy. But this episode is not about Drew. It is about the orangey tribe’s three hundred pound simmering boil, John Rocker. Continue reading

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Survivor, Ep. 5: We Found Our Zombies


Having voted out the only tribe member who can get stuff off of the top shelf on last week’s Survivor, the Cilantro tribe is split, and angry. And Lindsey lets Trisha know exactly how she feels. “Everything about you is annoying, your laugh, your teeth, your face….I think you’re annoying, I think you’re terrible, I think you’re the most horrific person I’ve ever met….” And that’s just the first thirty seconds. Continue reading

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