Survivor, Ep. 4: Odd One Out

Recap: Survivor, Episode 4: Odd One Out

After voting out a bundle of insanity, the brains tribe has been whittled down to Kass, Tasha, and Spencer. They hug it out and vow to stick together blah blah blah. But at the first challenge, it’s “Drop your buffs.” So…whoops? The players divide into two new tribes, Parma and Cilantro. The brains tribe is all sticking together with a smattering of brawn and a little bit of beauty, and the other tribe looks awfully brawny.

The Reward Challenge is all about dragging your opponent off of a pole and across the finish line, and the winner gets a feast fit for Cookie Monster before he got all concerned about sugar and carbs. Tasha is hanging on like nobody’s business, whereas Lindsay, Morgan, and Sarah are trying to snap each others’ necks. Wow, this is impressive. Lindsay is putting up a huge effort, and Tasha is not going anywhere anytime soon. Parma scores the first point.

Oh ha, good luck getting Cliff off of that post. Alexis gets dragged away like a rag doll before Cliff even breaks a sweat. One point for Cilantro. Now Cliff is back on the post and for some reason the other team put Sarah up against him on the other post. Cliff’s not really budging whereas Sarah is no match for two big dudes. Cilantro wins reward, leaving the brains with another losing tribe.


Over at the new Parma tribe, Alexis starts courting the brains for an alliance. She tells them that Morgan is lazy and a stupid head. But Morgan tells the brains that Alexis is mean and she cuddles with boys and shakes her booty at them all the time. Then they both build competing burn books out of bamboo and palm fronds.

The Immunity Challenge is one of those log smashes wall to a table maze things, and Kass asking Alexis and Morgan if either one is good at puzzles was just such a sad little moment. Smashing, pushing, working that maze, it’s actually a pretty nifty looking puzzle. The entire log is a maze, and it’s long and twisty and just an awkward shape to manage…and Parma wins immunity! Neeeeeerrrrrddds!

The Cilantro tribe is dominated by the former brawn tribe who warble between getting rid of LJ (who has an idol and is planning on playing it tonight), or getting rid of fellow brawny Trisha. Meanwhile, Trisha wants Cliff out and thinks she can get LJ and Tony on board which is sooooo not happening.

Tribal Council is kind of a bore, with Jeff asking lots of questions and getting nothing but cagey answers. “Tonight’s Tribal will definitely shift the game one way or another.” Oh thanks for that insight, Tony. LJ, Cliff, LJ, Cliff, why didn’t LJ play the Idol? Is he an idiot? LJ, Cliff. Cliff. NOOOOOOooooooo!!! Now who’s going to pluck the coconuts off of the top branches, huh? Ugh, these people.

Next week, Trisha and Lindsay are fighting.

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