The Amazing Race All Stars, Ep. 5: Can’t Make Fish Bite


The Cowboys depart the fifth leg of The Amazing Race at 2:26 p.m., and are flying to Sri Lanka and find Gangaramaya Temple to receive their next clue. The Howells leave shortly thereafter and note that this is the leg of the race where they “self-eliminated” last time. Bizarre, but okay.

Everyone is on the same direct flight, which kind of sucks because there is a four-hour gap between the first and last teams, which should allow teams to get on an earlier flight. But! When Rachel and Brendon arrive at the travel agency, the flight is closed for booking. So they’re traveling through Singapore with a thirty-minute connection. And, Deaf Kid And His Umbilical Cord go straight to the airport and put themselves on standby.

Brendon and Rachel made their flight, which puts them ahead of the other teams. As for Deaf Kid And His Umbilical Cord, they don’t make it on the standby flight and are now about ten hours behind.

Once in Colombo, Sri Lanka, teams head to Gangaramaya Temple and learn that the temple does not open until 5:45 a.m., which allows the first two flights to catch up. They receive a blessing, receive a clue, and are headed by train to Galle to find the king coconut stand. And then there’s Margie and Luke, still trying to get to Sri Lanka.

Once in Galle, tuk tuks take the teams buzzing through the streets to the coconut stand. Detour! Fishing Pole or Spin Control. In fishing poles, teams must wade into the water, climb onto fishing stilts, and catch one fish each to receive their next clue. In spin control, teams must learn and perform a traditional folk dance while spinning discs on sticks.

The Howells catch fish with the Cowboys and Jessica and John. Connor catches the first fish, so good for him. Then Dave gets one and the team is off to Trendy Connections Garment Factory for their next clue. Everyone else is dancing and spinning, spinning and dancing. You know who are good at this? The Globetrotters. They get it on the first try and leave everyone else fumbling…except for the Cousins who are also good spinning dancers.


The Cowboys catch two of the saddest looking tiny little fish I’ve ever seen, but a fish is a fish and they jump off of their perches to receive their next clue. My Family Is Famous figures out the spinning portion of the routine and are also off to the next challenge. Brendon and Rachel’s fourteenth attempt is their lucky one, with discs spinning and foots stepping. With Jessica and John the last team left on their water sticks, they switch tasks. It was a smart move, and they receive their next clue long before Deaf Kid And His Umbilical Cord even board the train to Galle.

Roadblock! Properly stitch together a shirt. Take a look around, because that’s what you’re buying when you purchase a garment from Sri Lanka—you get Globetrotters sewing your shirts. Rachel and Brendon have a Speed Bump to complete. They must silkscreen the red color onto fifteen Sri Lanka flag t-shirts. It’s kind of funny watching everyone struggle with the sewing challenge. Connor finishes first so the Howells are off by bus to the pit stop at the Colombo Rowing Club. My Family Is Famous are close behind, followed by the Cowboys.


The Howells are Team Number One, and My Family Is Famous check in second. The Cowboys are third, and the Cousins fourth. While everyone’s sewing, Flight Time takes out his basketball and entertains the crowd. “You’re working, I’m working.” He’s just the best.

Wait, why are Deaf Kid And His Umbilical Cord headed to the garment factory? I didn’t see them complete the Detour. Anyway, Brendon and Rachel finally complete their shirt, followed by the Globetrotters. So I guess the producers knew that there was no hope and let them skip the task. Jessica and John are fifth, the Globetrotters are sixth (they paid the bus driver to skip all other stops—smart!) and Rachel and Brendon are seventh.

When Margie and Luke arrive, they know that they have been eliminated from the race.

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