The Walking Dead, Season 4: Inmates


One thing I like about The Walking Dead—fashions ended when the plague started. Maggie’s sister, what’s-her-name, Beth, is still wearing ultra low-rise jeans. Anyway, she’s looking for her friends, and Daryl is tracking them with his outdoorsy skills.

So Daryl has Beth, and Tyrese has the kids, including Li’l Asskicker. But there are walkers, and Tyrese has to run off to kill them all. This leaves the two tweens alone, with the baby. The older one muzzles the baby’s mouth, but it’s too late. Walkers. Tyrese is busy smashing his own crew of rotting flesh while the girls are doing quite a number on a motley crew of corpses…with the help of Poor Man’s Jamie Lee Curtis! They all come together at an intersection of hell and high water, with another human we have never seen before. He’s been bitten, but offers some advice. “There’s a place, up the tracks, it’s safe, you can take the children there…trust me, follow the tracks.” It leads them to a sign that read, “Sanctuary for all, community for all. Those who arrive, survive.” Hmm. Those signs are rarely as good as they seem, but we’ll see.

Sasha is with another guy whose name I don’t know, and Maggie. They have water and a decent vantage point, so they’re going to glamp for the night. But Maggie goes after Glenn, and they can’t split up so the other two follow. They find the bus. It doesn’t look good, so Maggie plows ahead. Yeah, it’s filled with walkers. They try to let the walkers out one-by-one, to see if Glenn is inside. But the barrage overtakes them…stabbing…blah blah blah, Glenn is not one of them, so Maggie goes inside to check the last of the bodies. Nope, no Glenn.

This is the first time in forever that Maggie looks an unattractive, stinky mess of dirt, feces, sweat, and desperation. It’s a good look, for a zombie flick. Anyway, speaking of Glenn, he’s on the roof of the prison with zombies closing in and none of his friends in sight. Basically, they left him there. So what does he do? He goes back inside, where it’s nice and dark. Smart, Glenn. Real smart. He’s got a lantern that lets off, like, no light. So he wanders around all of the places he used to be with Maggie, like his bedroom jail cell. And he finds his prison riot uniform, which he would put on right now if he was smart….

But Glenn is not smart. So he lies in bed, wondering how all of this happened to him, and he sees a picture of his true love, and it makes him cry, and Glenn has never been the manliest of men, but this is turning pathetic. But wait! Glenn puts on his super suit and walks right out of that prison through a sea of chompy walkers…until he finds some chick who used to be with The Governor’s Group. He half decides to rescue her, but only because he needs her help with the rest of the whole escape plan. They break free of their prison, and Glenn collapses after learning that Hershel is dead because, see above about not being the manliest of men. Then, a new trio arrive—two men and a lovely lady wearing what can only be called Sexy Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Halloween Costume.

Next week, Sergeant Abraham Ford and his crew roll onto the scene, and they need companions. The more, the better.

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