How I Met Your Mother: No Questions Asked

How I Met Your Mother - No Questions Asked - Ted

At the end of the last episode, Daphne told Lily that Marshall took the judge gig. Naturally, she’s pissed. About staying in a room with a ghost. Happy Halloween, everyone!

How I Met Your Mother - No Questions Asked - Marshall

The Farhampton Inn is haunted by a hooker pirate who has a sharpened hook, hence his name “Captain Hooker.” He froze to death, or died of syphilis. Lily doesn’t believe in ghosts but does believe in owls flying around with shirts over them which, to some, appear to be ghosts. Her real complaint is that the room sucks, which means she never got Daphne’s text about the job. So Marshall tells Ted to break into Lily’s room and delete her last text, no questions asked. He climbs a drain pipe up to her window, but it wakes Lily up. Luckily there’s a lightening storm and she’s afraid, so she asks Ted to stay and sing her a lullaby until she is asleep. He uses the time to search the room for a phone and hears a ghost. Or, Barney in the air vent.

Barney plans to have doves released after the ceremony, but Robin’s gun enthusiast family has planned a twenty-one-gun salute. So…dove pancakes for breakfast? Marshall then asks Barney to delete the last text on Lily’s phone, no questions asked. Which is why he was in the air vent. This also wakes Lily up, and then room service arrives with Robin underneath the cart to look for Lily’s phone and delete the last text, no questions asked.

How I Met Your Mother - No Questions Asked - Robin and Marshall

When Lily goes downstairs to complain about the room service charges for food she never ordered, out comes the phone so she can call her lawyer. Which I guess is her husband. Barney and Robin burst into action, in different directions. This causes them to realize that they have difficulty working together. So they vow to work together to help Marshall hide something from his wife. Robin creates a distraction in a purple unitard with a gun, Barney sets a dove free to grab the phone, and Ted already got Lily to throw her phone to the ground and smash it with her foot, no questions asked.

Ted is fairly pleased with himself for solving Marshall’s problem. Because he never keeps anything from his wife, Marshall tells Lily about the judgeship. Lily then vows to kill Marshall in their haunted room, so circle of life and all that jazz.

Next week, Barney’s mother and Robin have a Scramble Off.

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