Survivor, Episode 6: One-Man Wrecking Ball

Survivor Episode 6 One-Man Wrecking Ball

It’s Night 13 on Survivor, and the returning players make their way back from Tribal Council where they voted off the gropier Laura. After everyone pats themselves on the back for their switcheroo, the contestants get a good night’s sleep before heading to Redemption Island for the Battle Of The Losers.

The duel involves a balance beam, tiles, and numbers that go in order. Brad and John aren’t very good at balance beams because balance beams are for girls, so Laura The Masseuse pulls ahead and wins the duel. But what’s really important is that Brad loses and is out of the game. Go home, Brad. Nobody wants to play with you anymore. Laura gives the clue to Aras’s brother and he places it in the fire. Jeez, people. It’s just a clue to a hidden immunity idol.

Oh, and? Drop your buffs and draw for new tribes. One tribe has Aras, Gervase, Tyson, Caleb, Hayden, and Ciera (5 men, 1 woman), and the other tribe has Monica, Tina, Katie, Laura, Kat, and Vytas (5 women, 1 man). So, a brotastic sausage party and an Eat Pray Love sewing circle.

The Immunity Challenge is one of those retrieve puzzle pieces from an underwater cage and solve a vertical puzzle. And in case any contestant had a belly grumble in the past twenty-four hours, the winning tribe gets a picnic feast. It’s a miracle! Gervase can swim! The ladies return without their first batch of puzzle pieces because women are forgetful? I don’t know what they were thinking. Laura and Tina return to retrieve the first batch of puzzle pieces just as the men’s team (can we just call it that, please?) return with their second batch. But men stink at puzzles so the ladies catch up but it’s not enough and the men win immunity and a feast fit for kings.

Survivor One-Man Wrekcing Ball Episode 6 challenge

There’s strategizing and scheming, with Kat wanting Monica gone, Tina wanting Kat gone because Kat wants Monica gone, and everyone wanting Vytas gone because of his boy parts. Once the votes are tallied, it’s Kat going home because of her disloyalty to the chick alliance.

Next week, a plan emerges to take out Aras and Kat is worried about her relationship with Hayden because “nobody wants to date someone who doesn’t even make the merge.”

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