Face Off Season 5, Episode 11: Dark Magic

Syfy Face off Season 5 Episode 11 - Laney Self-Eliminates

The theme for this week’s challenge is nerds. Or, dark elves. The artists must create a dark magic elf character. Laura’s all “I’ve studied dark elves extensively,” so she’s, like, really good at elves. Or something. Each contestant pairs up with an ancient symbol that describe their elf’s superpower:

  • Laney: Immortality
  • Tate: Regeneration
  • Roy: Psychic Powers
  • Miranda: Chaos
  • Laura: Occult Abilities

In contrast to Laura’s overconfidence, Miranda is concerned because she’s already done pointy ears in two of her challenges. Roy is skipping a cowl and is doing his sculpt all in one piece. Tate is creating a female character for his regeneration superpower. Miranda makes a Mayan headpiece because…why? Nobody knows. Laura thinks her vast knowledge of all things elf will hinder her character.

Meanwhile, Laney is pushing clay around a face. She is totally uninspired and has a minorish off-camera meltdown. After shedding four thousand tears and reapplying red lipstick (and the wrong shade of foundation), Laney goes back to work.The next morning, Laura finds a letter from Laney to the group explaining why she quit. She misses her family, and that’s sad. After an appropriate twelve seconds of mourning, the artists head to the workroom. Miranda is molding faster than she has ever molded before, but it’s not fast enough because at the end of the second day, she is nowhere near finished.

It’s the last day of the challenge, and Miranda puts her model to work opening her mold, power washing, and painting his own arms and legs. Laura’s scar-like transfers are the wrong consistency so she has problems, and Tate is busily working on an outer coating on his model’s skin. With only an hour left for makeup and finishing touches, Miranda is nowhere. I mean, she’s still pulling a cowl out of a mold. It’s really bad. I’m sort of embarrassed for her.

Judge time! Glenn, Ve, and Neville are ready for their elves.

The first is from Laura who made…I don’t know what it is, but it’s really well done. The judges call it beautifully done and well thought-out.

Syfy Face Off Season 5 Episode 11 - Dark Magic Spotlight Challenge - Laura Top Looks

Roy’s warrior-like psychic character is more gnome than elf. Ve agrees, and thinks it looks more like a creature than an elf. Also, the enlarged head makes the body look too small.

Syfy Face Off Season 5 Episode 11 - Dark Magic Spotlight Challenge - Roy Bottom Looks

Tate created a bronzed burn victim and it’s rather impressive. The judges think it looks fantastic, and the subtle details like the flaky dry skin are successful from a distance and up close.

Syfy Face Off Season 5 Episode 11 - Dark Magic Spotlight Challenge - Tate Top Looks Winner

Oh boy, Miranda. I’ve seen Halloween costumes at the drugstore that look better than Miranda’s creation. The judges want to know why she has an incomplete wreck. Ve is pissed, though she calls it “disappointed,” and Neville calls it an initial sketch rather than a finished sculpt.

Syfy Face Off Season 5 Episode 11 - Dark Magic Spotlight Challenge - Miranda Bottom Looks

Tate is the winner of the challenge. And because Laney self-eliminated, the judges have an opportunity to give Miranda a pass. But her work was so substandard that they are having a tough time coming up with a plausible excuse to keep her in the competition.  Well, they found one. Miranda gets to stay because she “did not give up.” That’s weak. It’s the equivalent of a participation prize.

Reprinted from RedesignRevolution.com

Next week, the final four contestants fight for a spot in the finale.


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