Girls Season 3, Ep. 6: Free Snacks

Girls Season 3 Episode 6

Hannah is working in the coffee shop, screwing up orders and quitting her job. Someone saw something that she wrote and gave her a staff writing gig at GQ magazine. Ray knows that nobody would ever hire her to write a real article, so it must be an advertorial. Which it is, because it’s sponsored by Neiman Marcus. Also, newsflash! Writing one (sponsored) article per issue does not pay the bills such that a person who is a writer anywhere other than the television can quit their day job. Or their second day job. And it definitely does not get you a cubicle in an office at a magazine. In reality, it’s a freelance writing gig and it pays reasonably well, if you bang out enough of them per month. But whatever. Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: After

the-walking-dead-after-michonneThe prison is burning, and the walkers are having a hootenanny. Oh what’s this? Michonne, again walking freely among them. She looks tired and just a little bit pissed off. She finds two more zombies to keep as pets. When she stumbles across old man Hershel’s head, she puts its out of its misery. You know what this looks like? It looks like the beginnings of a very good season. Continue reading

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The Taste Season 2, Episode 6: Just Desserts

The Taste Season Two Episode 6-1

The theme this week is dessert. How can the eight remaining cooks screw this up? All you have to do is fill a spoon with frosting, toss on a few rainbow sprinkles, and you’re golden. The Team Challenge will be judged by pastry chef Christina Tosi, creator of Milk Bar’s Crack Pie, and the winning team will have her invaluable mentorship to the winning team. And since Nigella has precisely zero cooks left on her team, she’s going free range and wandering the kitchens. Continue reading

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Toned Up, Episodes 7 & 8: Buh Bye

Karena Katrina Toned Up Episode 7

Episode 7: “Move Out Or Move On”

The ladies flip through hundreds of photos of themselves, like a giant mirrored funhouse. Then they get a call from Self Magazine (do people still read those things?) about leading a challenge to drop ten pounds.  And, they’re doing the 2013 spring campaign for Oakley, which…do you have a time machine? Because I don’t have a time machine. Continue reading

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