XOX Betsey Johnson, Episode 2: Symbiotic Psychotics

xo betsey johnson rebrand spankin new 6 XOX Betsey Johnson, Episode 2: Rebrand Spankin New

Reprinted with permission from www.hautetalk.com

Betsey has a big meeting with Madden and Fashion Week on her mind, but she finds time to wander around Central Park. She approaches an artist street vendor and somehow it turns into Betsey drawing the vendor, where we learn that “caricatures are really hard….I never could shade….” The end result is whimsical, bordering on awful. Continue reading

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What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Ep. 5: Ryan’s Little Hot Dog

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Ep. 5 – Ryan’s Little Hot Dog

Reprinted with permission from www.survivingcollege.com
We’re back again on our ill-fated mission to find some meaning in the words that Ryan Lochte speaks. This week, we find Ryan Lochte contemplating what he wants to do with his life (beyond holding his breath for too long underwater). Continue reading
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Mad Men Season 6, Episode 8: Sterling Cooper Draper And Drugs

mad men season 6 episode 8 the crash recap 3 Mad Men Recap, Season 6, Episode 8: “The Crash”

Reprinted with permission from www.hautetalk.com

The episode opens with a drunken car crash, and is that Ken Cosgrove at the wheel? Ken hobbles into the office with a cane, and all Ted wants to know is what the client said about their seventh round of creative. The client is Chevy, and they “didn’t like ‘em.” Continue reading

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Best Ink 207 – Animated Ink

Reprinted with permission from www.redesignrevolution.com

After Tylor went on a “long-ass smoke break,” six artists of Best Ink 2 (which airs on Oxygen on Wednesdays, 10/9C) remain. They arrive at Universal Studios for their Flash Challenge and meet the guest judge, Miya Bailey, who is known for tattoos based off of comic book heroes. In one hour, they must draw up an action movie poster of a superhero of their own creation, including a cool name and a tag line. Continue reading

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XOX Betsey Johnson, Episode 1: Togetherness And Partnerships

Betsey Johnson Goes To New Jersey

I’m fairly excited about this show because Betsey seems like a great lady who can toss a cartwheel like the best of them. And, she’s a local gal who stumbled upon the thick of the fashion industry in the most awesome of decades, the 1970s, and guided my most misguided wardrobe choices throughout the 1980s. Her daughter, LuLu, has been working for her mother’s fashion empire for years. By the 1990s, Betsey Johnson had sixty-five stores worldwide, and business was booming. Until the economy bottomed out in the 2000s, ending in bankruptcy in April, 2012. Eh, it happens.

Continue reading

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