Community Season Finale: Evil Doppelgangers

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Jeff Winger, disbarred attorney, meets with a lawyer friend and gets a job offer: full partner, corner office, six figures….he’ll give it some thought. Two seconds later, he takes the job.

Back at school, the gang is complaining about their classes and drop a “Happy Graduation, Jeff” banner. Jeff doesn’t want to make it a big deal, so they all descend on Dean Pelton’s office. Dean Pelton is dressed in a graduation cap and gown (sans pants), and reviews Jeff’s paperwork. Suddenly, Jeff gets nostalgic and wants a party. He rolls dice to decide who buys the soda for the party, and it lands on its edge which drives Abed crazy because of something that happened in a past season that I never watched.

Then, a semi-naked Jeff Winger Terminator robot with one arm appears in Dean Pelton’s office to terrorize Greendale. The robot is Evil Jeff and plans to eradicate Lame Jeff, and Bad Annie is an accomplice.  Evil Jeff then tells Real Annie that he’s hot for her, which makes her all puppy-dog-eyed. Then, he tells her that once he graduates and lives his cool lawyer life, he’s done with everyone at Greendale. Real Annie tells off Lame Jeff, but Abed knows an evil doppelganger when he sees one, and confronts Evil Jeff, who turns him into something blue that then ends up in Evil Dean’s office.

In the cafeteria, “it’s never to early for Shirley,” so Shirley and Troy debut a breakfast cart. Troy wants to offer a sandwich called The Troyjan Horse, and “it goes bread lettuce ham ham bacon chocolate.” Evil Jeff rolls up and insults them both. Then, Real Abed meets Evil Abed, who explains timeline travel. Real Abed realizes that he needs to get back to his timeline to stop Evil Jeff from ruining everything.

Lame Jeff finds Bad Annie and asks why she’s acting like a mistress in a Lifetime movie. She scares the crap out of him so he runs out of the room and right into Evil Jeff. He says that he came to his timeline to make sure that he takes that lawyer job. But Lame Jeff he won’t go without his study group. Just as Evil Jeff is about to fire a blue bullet at Lame Jeff, Chang yells “frieeeendshiiiip!” and takes the bullet for his buddy. Then, Evil Shirley, Evil Troy, and Evil Britta arrive on the scene to “help burn this mother down.”

Lame Jeff barges in on the group to let them know that whatever he said, it was not him, but Evil Jeff. Abed arrives to verify the story and explains that their evil counterparts are waging a war, and “it’s either us, or us.”

Evil Chevy Chase (isn’t that an oxymoron?) is on crutches, and the rest of the Evil Study Group lets him know that they were planning the invasion without him. Evil Britta tricks Evil Chevy Chase into shooting himself with the blue gun, but some of the blue goop gets on Evil Britta and takes her out, too. It’s a war between Good Study Group and Evil Study Group. There’s a lot of shooting, until only Evil Jeff is left. Real Abed fills Lame Jeff in on the secret that this whole world is in Lame Jeff’s mind. He points to the meat vending machines and hot female background students as proof, which is conclusive.

After a Matrix Moment, Jeff is zapped back to the study group, and the graduation ceremony. He professes his love for the group, and Pierce bangs on the window (I assume that’s a reference from The Graduate?) and demands to be graduated, too. Then, Jeff tells everyone his new plan: he’s going to be one of those do-gooder attorneys, fighting for justice. Blech.

And that’s it, the season’s over. Everything wrapped up nicely, I guess. Except maybe for Chevy Chase, who is now hopelessly out of work.

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