Best Ink Episode 206: I’m Sexy and I Know It

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The contestants on Best Ink 2 (which airs on Oxygen on Wednesdays, 10/9C) are brought to an airplane bone yard in the Mohave desert. Hannah Aitchison is the guest judge, and she is the master of classic airplane nose art. For the Flash Challenge, the artists have an hour and a half to paint a modern pinup on the nose of the airplanes. The winner gets a wad of cash and an extra hour in the ink challenge.

Teresa made Lucky Lucy after her grandmother, and it’s yet another gorgeous painting from her. Derek made a pinup with gigantic tatas that looks like a blow-up sex toy and he says it’s a portrait of his mother. Alli went with a mother nature theme because maybe people in the air miss the ground. Jerod made Bombshell Bobbi after his girlfriend, and it’s cute and has a clamshell. Brittney made a fun face blowing kisses, but the face looks like a plastic surgery tragedy. Tylor made a mess, and he ended up slopping a smiley face on the plane. DJ made a painterly military woman that kind of doesn’t work on a plane but would work on a wall. The top artists are DJ (really?) and Jerod (meh), and Jerod is the winner.

Jerod Plane Best Ink Season 2 Episode 6 Flash Challenge Winner

Jerod’s Pin-Up Flash Challenge // Credit: Oxygen Media

This week’s Ink Challenge is in Joe’s signature style, which is “blood puddin.” A blood puddin tattoo is a dark, mysterious, sexual pin-up. All of their skins will be women who have sad stories, because all skins have sad stories. Jerrod’s skin is a blank canvas, and she wants something sexual. Alli’s skin requests a sexy Queen of Hearts. Teresa’s skin describes a female pirate captain steering a ship. Brittney’s skin wants a sexy Victorian babe. Tylor’s skin asks for a mermaid Queen of the Sea, which is like Chicken of the Sea’s third cousin, twice removed. DJ’s skin wants a curvy redheaded musician. Derek’s skin explains how great a green zombie brain cupcake would look on her arm.

Derek is having timing problems, and keeps stressing how he doesn’t do this style or draw female figures. DJ’s tattoo is looking super dark and bloody. Brittney’s inking sloooowly, as is Jerrod, though he has an extra hour. Alli is also in danger of not finishing, and here’s what I don’t get about this show: why are there time constraints on a tattoo? Rushing through a permanent and prominent feature on a human body is just plain silly. Tylor is inking in grayscale, which is not what this challenge is about at all. Teresa is methodically painting her skin. Oh man, DJ’s tattoo is insanely good. Wow. Let’s see how this one pans out.

Alli - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 6 Ink Challenge

Alli’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Alli’s tattoo sucks. There, I said it.

Teresa - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 6 Ink Challenge

Teresa’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Teresa’s tattoo is beautiful and complex, but the judges don’t like it because it doesn’t look like a blood puddin pinup.

DJ - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 6 Ink Challenge

DJ’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

DJ’s tattoo kills it, but the figure’s hand is blocking the boobs.

Derek - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 6 Ink Challenge

Derek’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Derek’s tattoo is too much zombie and not enough blood puddin, and Joe declares it “not cute enough.”

Brittany - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 6 Ink Challenge

Brittany’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Brittney’s tattoo is clever but maybe a little oddly proportioned.

Tylor - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 6 Ink Challenge

Tylor’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Tylor’s grayscale tattoo is too sweet and cute to be blood puddin.

Jerod - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 6 Ink Challenge

Jerod’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Jerod’s tattoo is bad*ss, but it lacks pop without color.

The top three artists are DJ, Brittney, and Teresa. The winner is, as expected, DJ. Wait, no. It’s Brittney. What?! DJ was totally robbed. They choose Derek, Jerrod, and Tylor for the bottom three.  The judges eliminate Tylor because he didn’t even try to do a blood puddin tattoo. Ouch.

Next week: animated tattoos. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds exciting.

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