Girls Episode 10: Breaking Up and Breaking Down

Girls Season 2 Finale: Breaking Up and Breaking Down

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Hannah is having some hearing problems following a brutal stabbing with a Q-tip. Googling “ruptured eardrum q-tip” leads to her posing dozens and dozens of medical questions to the Internet. Wait, I recognize this…it’s called procrastination. Continue reading

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Project Runway Recap: Flower Power

pr reality Project Runway Recap: Flower Power

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For this challenge, we’re going back to an oldie but a goodie (and Tim’s favorite challenge)—the flower shop. But, Heidi has a few ideas of her own. She liked the hardware store challenge, so the teams will have to use both flowers and hardware to make a cohesive line of six looks.  Continue reading

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Arrow: Terribly Green, but Also Shirtless

Are two shirtless posts in a row too much? Oh well, no existential angst here.

I started this show a couple of episodes into the season, so I may be missing some of the nuances here, maybe some complex and deeply subtle storytelling but, I really don’t think so.

Arrow is the story of Oliver Queen. Stranded on an island for 5 years after the death of his father (and girlfriend’s sister!) in a yachting accident – of all things – he has returned to the city of his birth to right the wrongs of the world. Following a laundry list of villains left to him by his dear old dad, naturally.

Oh, so much fertile ground for Terrible Television and we haven’t even gotten to the crux of it – his weapon of choice is a BOW AND ARROW! I think I’ll poor me a little cava (like champagne! Only cheaper!) and tune in. Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: And Baby Makes Braaaaiiinnnz

You can call her Sophia.2 all you want, but I’m calling her Baby Shane. Yes, The Walking Dead has added a youngin to its ranks, and we all know what happens when you add a child to the cast of a television show. Yup. The show turns to crap. But hey, who knows. Maybe this time it’ll be different. I mean, a screaming baby is certainly something nobody wants during a zombie apocalypse, right? It’d be just as useful as a one-legged senior citizen. So I look forward to seeing how this whole baby storyline pans out because it has the potential to go Cousin Oliver real fast.

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Couples Therapy: Reality, Fakery, and Dourtney

This is your  therapist… she will break it down for you and even use four-letter words whilst doing it. That’s my kind of therapy! 

Oh Reality Television… where oh where have you taken us? You have taken us to the wonderful world of Couples Therapy on VH1. It is so fascinating, so awful, so incredibly raw and fake, contrived and, dare I say it, real, that it is terrible and wonderful at the same time.

Its like a constructive train wreck… if such a thing is possible.

One of the featured couples on the show, Courtney Stoddard and Doug Hutchison got the boot this week, and thus departs the Couple Most Likely to Become a Lifetime Movie of the Week.

Dourtney, I will miss you. You and your fake boobs, hooker shoes and creepy man/child love. Your inappropriate behavior would have made for a good drinking game. I guess I’ll have to watch more episodes to come up with something new.

This was Dourtney – a name of their own creation…

This represents the collective response to Dourtney on the show.

Dourtney was kicked off for flashing too much vag, nip and, to my mind, too little wit.

Now don’t you want to watch?

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The Walking Dead Season Three Premiere: Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Undying

Yay! It’s finally here! After months and months of zombie-free television, The Walking Dead is back with a new season of rotting flesh and gnawing teeth. And the show wastes no time giving us our sweet, sweet zombie fix. The season opens with Ranger Rick, Asian Kid, Black Guy, and Redneck searching a house and killing zombies. Carl is in the house with them which is weird because Rule Number One of The Walking Dead is that Carl is never in the house. Continue reading

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