Dead Shows Walking: 666 Park Avenue & Last Resort

More of this and it might have gotten picked up….Eh, probably not. 

Surely you’ve heard the news? 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort are not long for this world. Gone too soon! Too soon! Or lasted too long, depending on your tolerance for overwrought storylines and illogical plot twists. 

How do I feel? I was just learning the freakin’ characters names! Those are precious brain cells that will need to be recycled. Let me pour myself some pinot and begin the process.

Anyhoo, I had fallen behind in my re-capping of these shows for obvious reasons.

They were terrible.

Even the promise of possible dripping-wet-Scott-Speedman-abs could not bring me to continue exposing myself to the nuclear waste of Last Resort‘s absurd plotlines. And I was genuinely disappointed by the lack of submariner slang. So. Many. Good. Words. Another missed opportunity.

For 666, the promise of its Hitchcockian (a word? Mayhaps not, but you know what I mean) first few episodes (The Birds moment being my favorite) had diminished in the last few episodes and it definitely seemed to be moving into Desperate Housewives territory. Um, no thanks. That show lasted about 5 seasons longer than it should have.

But don’t worry, there are still a few shows new to this season that I have been eyeing from afar (Arrow – I’m talking to you, sweet thing). So I’m not done with this terrible season just yet….

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