Couples Therapy: Reality, Fakery, and Dourtney

This is your ¬†therapist… she will break it down for you and even use four-letter words whilst doing it. That’s my kind of therapy!¬†

Oh Reality Television… where oh where have you taken us? You have taken us to the wonderful world of Couples Therapy on VH1. It is so fascinating, so awful, so incredibly raw and fake, contrived and, dare I say it, real, that it is terrible and wonderful at the same time.

Its like a constructive train wreck… if such a thing is possible.

One of the featured couples on the show, Courtney Stoddard and Doug Hutchison got the boot this week, and thus departs the Couple Most Likely to Become a Lifetime Movie of the Week.

Dourtney, I will miss you. You and your fake boobs, hooker shoes and creepy man/child love. Your inappropriate behavior would have made for a good drinking game. I guess I’ll have to watch more episodes to come up with something new.

This was Dourtney – a name of their own creation…

This represents the collective response to Dourtney on the show.

Dourtney was kicked off for flashing too much vag, nip and, to my mind, too little wit.

Now don’t you want to watch?

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