I’m Too Old For The VMAs And So Is ‘NSync

NSYNC old group shot

It was nice of that Justin Timberlake fellow to take a break from his smooth jazz tunes to perform a song with his sad uncles. But why did he take us on a tour of the Barclays Center? Did he lose a bet with Jay-Z? And Miley Cyrus, put some pants on, please. You too, Gaga. Argle-bargle kids these days.

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Sadly, the New World is a Boring, Terrible World


Niall, so sexy on Eureka, so *egh* here. Despite the dinosaur

I love the SyFy channel so much. I mean crazy, adolescent girl-crush much. I tolerated their rebranding from SciFi, I watch all of their new shows (including Caprica, which was painful despite that delicious glass of rosé, Eric Stoltz, who I haven’t stopped crushing on since Some Kind of Wonderful, sigh). Continue reading

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Below Deck, Terrible on the Seas


Adrienne and one of their douchier guests. Ewwww! Cooties!

In my fantasy life, I win the lottery and proceed to an existence that is very Downton Abbey – with me in the Countess position, only younger and more empathetic of course. In our real 21st Century world, it would probably bear more resemblance to the guest roles on Below Deck. This is Bravo’s foray into the downstairs world of Upstairs, Downstairs and it is REAL. Continue reading

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Ten Reasons To Watch The Tour de France

Bradley Wiggins Tour de France

As you may have noticed, I watch a lot of television. Like, hours and hours and hours of television. And none of it is sports, with one notable exception: the Tour de France. Yes, I know, doping scandal, blah blah blah. But really, there’s more to the race than peeing in a cup. So forget everything you know about the Tour de France (which for most Americans starts and finishes with a rider whose name rhymes with Prance Smarmstrong), and let me give you ten good reasons why the Tour de France is the best thing on television this summer.  Continue reading

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Biopic Bonanza: Behind The Candelabra

Rob Lowe Liberace

I’m finally getting around to watching Behind the Candelabra, the Steven Soderbergh HBO biopic about Liberace and his young “friend,” and OMG! Rob Lowe’s face! Michael Douglas without his wig! Matt Damon’s shorts! This just might be the greatest made-for-TV movie ever. If you get a chance, give it a peek. It’s fabulous!

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