Under The Dome Is Overflowing With Crap

Under The Dome

Under The Dome just might be the worst television I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of really bad teevee. There’s this sweet little town with just the right amount of diversity and one of every stereotypical television character, including murderers, bad cops, good cops, a sassy waitress in a coffee shop, a dangerous stranger, and rebellious teenagers. And when the town gets trapped underneath a giant dome, not one of them thinks to tunnel underneath. I just can’t with this show. Save your hours and unDVR it ASAP.

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15 thoughts on “Under The Dome Is Overflowing With Crap

  1. Mediocre TV. Episodes are saturated with dreary soap opera “human drama” that no common sense prevails. I know humans are stupid but after one week under the dome these characters are still asking what the authorities are going to do??

  2. This show has already jumped the shark in a big way. I feel kind of sorry for King. Being an Executive Producer this time seems to be a mere figurehead deal with no say.

  3. Under The Dome is the most brilliant show that has ever aired. Filled with themes of religion, science, and so much more. Everything about the show truly is plausible and could happen. My priest told me so. How can you say this show has jumped the shark? It’s by far the most innovative show on TV and the acting is superb. Emmy worthy all the way and better than Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, and Sopranos combined. This is the future of TV and the way it ought to be. It bothers me that you created this blog to troll the show. Obviously you know nothing about well written, well acted, incredible special effects on TV. My grandma and I watch it together every week and I cook her macaroni and cheese. The second best show on TV is on Nick at Nite and called “Hot in Cleveland.” Do you watch that show? I lOVE Betty White! My grandma and I sent a letter at the post office to Betty White in the mail and asked her to join “Under The Dome”. Lol. She is the ONLY thing that could make the show better. I don’t think you understand good TV. I think I might go to Hollywood and be an actor, cause I was the Foreman in “12 Angry Jurors” at Ohio Civc Community Theater and they reviewed me in the newspaper, so I would definitely become a star right away in Hollyweird. It’s really not that hard when you’ve been in the newspaper like me. Also, Kirk Cameron is probably THE best actor ever and totally under rated. My grandma and priest agree. Boo to you for being so rude to “Under The Dome”. I’ll laugh at you when I am famous in Hollywood and tell you I told you so.

  4. The characters in the TV series are very dumb, the acting is pretty mediocre, and I am losing more interest with every episode. It’s crap.

  5. Typical incoherent Hollywood crap, plot holes = complexity, but many a moron stayed rooted in front of their “Lost” privy for the full run

  6. The book isn’t so bad. Problem is that the TV show is so different from the book that if CBS changed the names of the characters, Stephen King wouldn’t be able to sue them for copying his story.

  7. Local TV promised many answers with ep 3, but of course no, just more incoherence. Sorry, this series has jumped the shark with considerable clearance.

  8. So it sucks because they haven’t decided to dig under the dome on the first two episodes? Brilliant observation.

    • That is just one of many, many, many reasons the show sucked. Then again, I thought the first episode of Lost was hackneyed and overacted, only to watch all six seasons with bated breath, so what do I know.

    • Worse, when they do dig it will be to discover it’s not a dome at all – rather it’s a sphere. And soon it will be wrenched from the Earth and hurtled at warp 9 to the home planet of the race that placed it, where the slobbering inhabitants await…

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