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HGTV Star Season 8 Episode 3 David Bromstad Teams

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The HGTV Star designers arrive at an apartment complex that’s like Melrose Place without the drama. They’re split into teams of two, and each team will design the main room in one of four separate apartments. The catch? It’s the same client for all apartments. The client is a totally indecisive couple who can’t decide what they want until they see four real live options.  

The teams are:

  • Jerebai and Anne
  • Brooks And Tiffany
  • Abby and Boris
  • Tylor and Cris

The teams will have ten minutes to meet with the couple, and, oh yeah, it’s a double elimination. There’s a mishmash of input from the clients, including: modern, vintage, Tuscan, black, country, not shabby chic, bold geometric, pastel, earth tones, Italian villa, comfort.

Each of the teams find special pieces for their rooms while painters add splashes of color to the boring white rental units. Jeribai wants to put stripes on the wall but doesn’t trust the painters, so he adds it to his own to-do list. Cris and Tylor put a dusty green on the wall that Cris is not happy with, but there’s no time to switch gears now.

When the teams arrive at the apartment the next morning, they find David and Sarah Peterson, the editor-in-chief of HGTV Magazine, which I guess is a thing that exists for people with out cable television. She announces that the winner will be featured in the magazine. Then David explains the Camera Challenge: each designer will provide design tips for a rented space.

Boris suggests making faux crown molding using paint. Abby explains artwork using hats on hooks, but her energy level was way too low, and her tip was way too ordinary. Cris makes her own artwork but totally forgets to show the artwork on camera. Tylor gives a boring presentation on how to use a level to paint a stripe on the wall. Anne talks about a focal color on the wall which puts everyone to sleep. Jerebai explains how to use a textured fabric, but, like Cris, never gets around to showing it on camera. Tiffany explains multi-functional furniture, but runs out of time. Brooks shows inventive wall graphics and gets lost in his manic personality.

After the Camera Challenge, the designers choose accessories and put the last-minute touches on their spaces. Unfortunately, Jerebai was so focused on painting his stripes that he forgot to check on the furniture delivery. With two hours left, Tiffany and Brooks are in good shape and add a final few pieces of artwork. Abby and Jerebai are scrambling, and their drapes are missing. Cris is painting a brightly colored amateurish mess. Tylor and Abby have curtain rods that are way too short.

HGTV Star Season 8 Episode 3 Abby Boris Finished Living Room Design Abby and Boris

Abby and Boris’s apartment overwhelms Genevieve’s eyes, and she finds it overly traditional. They also don’t like Boris’s fake crown moulding.

HGTV Star Season 8 Episode 3 Anne Jeribai Finished Living Room Design Anne and Jeribai

Jerebai and Anne’s apartment is a beige blah, but the judges like it.

HGTV Star Season 8 Episode 3 Cris Tylor Finished Living Room Design Cris and Tylor

Cris and Tylor’s space elicits a “whoa” from Vern, but the judges are not enjoying the all-pistachio theme.

HGTV Star Season 8 Episode 3 Brooks Tiffany Finished Living Room Design Brooks and Tiffany

Tiffany and Brooks’s room is good. Real good. The space is called “inviting” and “sophisticated.”

Sabrina, Genevieve, and Vern gather the contestants together for judging. The judges gush over Brooks and Tiffany’s room. Cris and Tylor’s Camera Challenges caught the judges’ eyes, for all the wrong reasons. Cris’s tip, to paint a canvas, was beyond the audience’s skill set, and Tylor made absolutely no sense at all. Also, the color palette in their room was unpleasant. Anne and Jerebai get positive feedback, and their room is called “impressive.” Abby’s Camera Challenge left the judges bored, and Boris’s Camera Challenge was “borderline creepy” due to his excessive smiling. Their room gets mixed marks.

So who stays and who goes? The clients chose Brooks and Tiffany’s space, and they are the winner of the challenge.

HGTV Star Season 8 Episode 3 Brooks Tiffany Winning Look Congrats to Brooks and Tiffany!

Also moving forward are Anne and Jerebai. That leaves Cris, Tylor, Boris, and Abby. The judges chop Tylor and Cris, which means we’ll see more of Boris and Abby.

Next week, the designers transform a kitchen.

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