Bob’s Burgers, Season 4: Purple Rain-Union

Bob's Burgers Purple Rain-Union 1Twenty-five years ago, Linda was in a band called the Ta Tas.  They lose a talent show. Badly. For the twenty-five year high school reunion, the organizer is “desperate and out of ideas,” and asks Linda to get the band back together. Like three out of five of Linda’s sexy parts after having kids, the band was ruined after playing at that talent show. In the shower, she writes a song called, “I’ve Got Two Out Of Five Sexy Parts” and decides to get the band back together and go to the reunion. Continue reading
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The Amazing Race, Episode 10: Cobra in My Teeth

The Amazing Race episode 10

I leave for two weeks and we’re down to only four teams on The Amazing Race, none of which are the Golddiggers? Well okay, then. The teams start out the tenth leg in Indonesia. The Cousins depart first, followed closely behind by I Hate You Too. Both members of the teams must devour grilled cobra before receiving their next clue. Continue reading

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