The Amazing Race, Episode 10: Cobra in My Teeth

The Amazing Race episode 10

I leave for two weeks and we’re down to only four teams on The Amazing Race, none of which are the Golddiggers? Well okay, then. The teams start out the tenth leg in Indonesia. The Cousins depart first, followed closely behind by I Hate You Too. Both members of the teams must devour grilled cobra before receiving their next clue.

The thing about cobras is, they are really long, and the skin is super crunchy. And chewy, and rubbery. And boney. Oh ha, I Hate You Too go to the wrong entrance of the cobra place, and they waste tons of time searching for the snack stand. All of the teams finish before they even arrive, which makes me very happy.

Roadblock! Hard boil one dozen eggs in a volcanic spring. How hard could that be? Well, transporting the eggs on the back of a motorbike without breaking them might be a tad of a challenge, and then carrying eggs down into the crater, but otherwise, no big deal. And that whole time, there’s no sign of the other team.

When I Hate You Too finally find the snake shack, Marie refuses to eat a snake because eew, gross. Yeah. Like a chicken is an attractive animal to gnaw on. After kicking and screaming and making gagging noises and embarrassing Americans everywhere, Marie finished her snake.

Back at the Roadblock, Travis and the Masshole only let their eggs boil for eight minutes because they are idiots while the Cousin stays a little longer. Of course their eggs aren’t boiled, because everyone knows that it takes 15 minutes to hard boil an egg in a volcano. Lucky for them, not all of the Cousin’s eggs were boiled so he has to go back, too.

Once I Hate You Too arrive at the volcano, Marie passes all of the other teams on her way down. The thing is, she doesn’t know how to boil eggs because she is a useless person, and she doesn’t have a watch because who the heck goes on The Amazing Race without a watch? Idiots, that’s who. She also doesn’t seem to get that the eggs need to go in the water and just sort of dangles them over a puddle for a while.

While Marie falls farther and farther behind, the other teams find a Detour. Paint Your Partner or Turn Over A New Leaf. In Paint Your Partner, teams make each other up as Javanese brides without the use of a mirror. In Turn Over A New Leaf, teams dress up as local tea workers and search the fields for a pair of clipping shears. The Massholes and the Doctors choose the face painting, and it requires Travis to shave off his moustache and beard. You look much better, Travis!

The Cousins choose the tealeaf shears search and look lovely in their little costumes. The scenery is beautiful, but there are so many rows of tealeaves. They find something right away, but it’s a white flag instead of clipping shears. More searching, more nothing, and that white flag comes in handy because they give up and switch to the other task.

The amazing race

Ugh, Marie boiled her eggs for so long that she receives the next clue on her first shot. They catch up with the other teams at the makeup task and see that it’s super hard (the Doctors are looking a hot, sweaty mess) and would require shaving some thick beards so they switch back again to the tealeaf task. After who-knows-how-long in the fields, they find the clipping shears.

The Massholes finish the makeup task first and receive a clue that sends them down five hundred steps to the pit stop at the Cimahi Waterfall. They check in as Team Number One for the first time in the Race. I Hate You Too blaze through the makeup task but somehow the Doctors pass them on the road. It’s a game of chicken all the way to the waterfall and I Hate You Too check in second, and the Doctors check in third.

The Cousins are the last team to arrive, but it’s a non-elimination leg so they will face a Speed Bump in the next leg.

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