Downton Abbey: Upheaval In The Upstairs

Lady Cora And Her Admirer

Lady Mary has a lover, Lady Edith has a bastard baby, and Lady Cora has an admirer. It’s a romantic liaison of a season for the upstairs of the Abbey.

But Lord Grantham is none to pleased with his wife’s sudden interest in art and her tag-along admirer of pretty things. And Lady Mary, heh. She was all about Tony until she, well, got to know Tony a little bit better if you know what I mean. Ooh! Granny Grantham is not pleased that Mary gave away the goods without first selling the cow. Then there’s Miss Bunting and Mister Tom. There’s not much to say about that milquetoast couple exempt I can’t be the only person counting the days until Tom sets sail for America. And let’s not forget Lady Rose who is absolutely besides herself that there’s not enough lemon for her Russian comrades.

Speaking of Russian comrades, Granny Grantham has an admirer of her own. More specifically, she had an admirer. Back in Saint Petersburg decades and decades ago. And he’s a prince! And now he’s here, in Downton Abbey! That’s not totally and completely awkward at all. Or as Lady Mary puts it, “Granny has a paaaahhhst!”

Next week, more juicy plot lines including Bates, Lady Mary, and even sad sack Lady Edith.

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