Bob’s Burgers, Season 4: My Big Fat Greek Bob

Bob's Burgers 3

Bob is filling in as the cook at a fraternity house for a week. He doesn’t know what’s so fun about being ordered around by a bunch of frat boys, so Tina volunteers to explain it to him. Linda is excited to have some time to host a Lady Goods Party that, according to the kids, includes tampons, pony saddles, and breast organizers. Almost right. 

Bob is assigned to the nerdiest fraternity ever. They’re good at making forts and hugging. Because Bob’s burgers are spectacular, the boys invite him to the Fellowship Room that is pretty much just a room where they drink and show respect for the house iguana.

Bob's Burgers 1

The boys ask Bob to drive them to the library, but what they really want is someone to drive them to prank a rival fraternity, the Alphas. The prank is really good because it involves fish and air conditioners. This earns Bob a beer consumed out of their dead iguana, and he chooses to drink out of the lizard’s butt. This leads to karaoke-ing to Alanis Morissette and a game called Beer Beer Goose.

Linda’s Lady Goods Party is off to a great start and the kids are put to bed early because vibrators! To sell more vibrators, Linda gives a testimonial. A little more wine and the vibrators are selling like hotcakes. Linda does so well that she joins the Pleasurologist family of salesgirls.

Bob's Burgers 2

In order to convince Linda to let him spend more time at the frat house, he agrees to bring the kids. Tina notes that “This is the best mancave ever, and Tina’s going spelunking.” They run into their dentist, an elder at the frat house, which is weird and awkward. The dentist takes them on a tour but won’t show them the Room Of Secrets so Louise vows to break in or Gene will die trying. But when Bob arrives at the frat house the next morning, he finds the dentist lying on the floor with his head shaved and a whole lot of what used to be called Indian burns in retaliation for the fish and air conditioner prank. And, the other frat took the dead iguana.

Bob's Burgers 4

While the boys are retaliating against the Alphas, the kids are desperately trying to break into the Room Of Secrets. They find a laundry chute and it takes them into the Room Of Secrets where they find the iguana. The dentist was hiding him the whole time so that he could get everyone kicked out of school retaliating against the Alphas. He thought a prank war would bring the Betas together and let everyone realize how amazing he is…and something about a keg filled with the spit of all of his patients. Bob tries to put the kibosh on the prank but gets splashed with spit in the process.

Bob's Burgers 3

Bob brings the boys to the restaurant where he finds Linda hosting a Lady Goods Party filled with cougars. So, perfect.

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