Best Ink Episode 205: A Good Laugh

  • Derek and Brittney
  • Jerod and Teresa
  • Alli and Tylor
  • Ralph and DJ

Alli and Tyler dig into each other right away. Jerod describes Teresa as a pinhead, DJ calls Ralph hairy, and Brittney goes on the worst date ever with Derek. The two top are Tyler and Brittney. Tyler draws Alli as an annoying mosquito. Brittney made Derek into an animal, which is a fresh idea and a good drawing. The winner is Tylor, who gets to choose two of his fellow artists for a night out on the town. He chooses Alli for the public humiliation, and Brittney for coming in second place.

Best Ink 205 Flash Challenge

Flash Challenge caricatures // Credit: Oxygen Media

For the Ink Challenge, the skins want humorous tattoos. Tylor’s skin wants his pug tattooed on his leg. Brittney’s skin wants a stick of butter and a donut and a cup of coffee on his shoulder. DJ’s skin wants a fried egg and Ralph’s skin wants a squirrel and a fortune cookie message because…I have no idea. Alli’s skin wants a punk rock duck on his forearm, Derek’s skin wants a potato on her leg, and Jerod’s skin wants a bacon garter belt (which is great because he’s a vegetarian) and Teresa’s skin wants a bouquet of spoons.

Everyone’s drawings exceed expectations, and there are happy skins all over the workshop — except…Ralph. He’s not really happy with his sketch, but he starts inking anyhow because there’s a deadline. And this is what’s so scary about this show—these are permanent designs under a time constraint! Tylor’s skin is all sorts of twitchy, which is making it hard for him to do good work.

At the judging, one artist’s ink has run dry.” DJ is safe from elimination, but everybody else is up for grabs.

Best Ink 205 Ink Challenge DJ Tattoo (2)

DJ’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

DJ made a couple of fried eggs in a skillet which are meh.

Best Ink 205 Ink Challenge Tylor Tattoo (2)

Tylor’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Tylor made a pug dog’s face, but it’s buried in a lion’s mane and overall just is not the best presentation of a pug.

Best Ink 205 Ink Challenge Derek Tattoo (2)

Derek’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Derek’s baked potato is kind of awful, to the point where I feel badly for the skin.

Best Ink 205 Ink Challenge Jerod Tattoo (3)

Jerod’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Jerod’s bacon bow garter is cute.

Best Ink 205 Ink Challenge Brittany Tattoo (2)

Brittany’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Brittney’s butter and coffee and donut is okay.

Best Ink 205 Ink Challenge Teresa Tattoo (2)

Teresa’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Teresa’s bouquet of spoons is a stunning tattoo, as usual.

Best Ink 205 Ink Challenge Ralph Tattoo (2)

Ralph’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Ralph’s squirrel is frightening, and not in a good way.

Best Ink 205 Ink Challenge Alli Tattoo (2)

Alli’s final tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Alli’s punk rock duck is both awful and fantastic.

Jerod, DJ, and Teresa are the top three this week. The winner is Teresa, who will be immune from elimination next week, who. The three top artists decide on who will be sent home, and everybody’s name comes up during deliberations. They decide on Derek’s potato, Brittney’s coffee and donut, and Ralph’s squirrel. The judges think that Derek’s potato layout is awful, but save him for next week. Because Ralph’s squirrel lacked joy, the judges send him home.

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