The Amazing Race Season 22 Episode 10: Haggis Madness

The Amazing Race Season 22 Episode 10: Haggis Madness

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The final five teams start out in Berlin, Germany and are headed for Gosford House in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Newlyweds leave first at 2:02 a.m., followed by YouTube about forty-five minutes later and My Family Is Famous another hour behind. Team Bro and Roller Derby leave a little after 4:00 a.m., but the airport is closed so they have a chance to catch up. There’s a lot of maneuvering at the airport and a U-Turn ahead so everyone is at risk.

Somehow, Team Bro and My Family Is Famous scrounge up an early flight with the Newlyweds and arrive in Scotland ahead of Roller Derby and YouTube. They drive to a castle and find a Roadblock involving the Royal Regiment of Scotland. In order to get their next clue, one team member must play a harmonizing note on the bagpipes while marching around the marble room. Kilts! An unintelligible accent! Team Bro and the Newlyweds bang out the task in no time and are sent to yet another castle to search the fireplaces for their next clue. My Family Is Famous has trouble blowing, but eventually finish the task.

Detour! Tasty Puddin’ or Whiskey Rollin’. In Tasty Puddin’ teams must make haggis by filling four ox intestines with various organs, seasonings, and oats. In Whiskey Rollin’ teams must deliver eight whiskey barrels up a cobblestone path to a festival. Team Bro choose the whiskey and the Newlyweds choose the intestines.

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Nothing like cramming ground meat into an animal’s colon.

Team Bro skips the whole rolling thing and just carries the barrels on their backs. Team Bro muscled their way through the whiskey challenge and received a clue that sends them to Duddingston Kirk. At the haggis challenge, an 18th Century poet (impersonator) reads the Newlyweds poems about haggis while they’re all up in the ox intestines. They finish the task and get a taste of warm haggis. Yum?

Team Bro arrived at the U-Turn first and find the dreaded Double U-Turn. Team Bro U-Turn YouTube, and the Newlyweds U-Turn Roller Derby. Then, both teams bolt for the pit-stop on Niddry Street South. The Newlyweds arrive first and are team number one, with Team Bro right behind as team number two. After flirting with the haggis boys, My Family Is Famous follow behind as team number three.

Roller Derby finish the bagpipe challenge before YouTube, but they will face a Speed Bump before their next challenge. The Speed Bump requires the team to roll a strike in skittles, which is a Scottish version of bowling. Setting up the pins is manual and time-consuming, but Roller Derby eventually finishes just as YouTube pulls into the castle’s parking lot. For some reason, they team up to finish the task even though they are both clearly in last place.

It’s nighttime as Roller Derby and YouTube drive to the haggis shop. YouTube doesn’t seem to have any sense of urgency while Roller Derby moves like lightening. Both teams eventually find out that they have been U-Turned and must go back to complete the whiskey challenge. It looked brutal when Team Bro did it, and ten times worse when the task is done at night by teams that are not giant hockey players.

Somehow, both teams finish the task and it comes down to which team can drive to the pit stop without getting lost.  Roller Derby arrives at the pit stop first, checking in as team number four and looking thoroughly exhausted. YouTube is the last team to arrive and has been eliminated from the race. Phil hands them both Participation Prizes and sends them back to the Internets with an extra thumbs up.

Next week, it’s the two-hour season finale!

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