The Amazing Race, Episode 8: Donkeylicious


On this week’s The Amazing Race, Brendon and Rachel are the first to leave at 7:30 a.m. and drive to a remote Italian village. The next teams, My Family Is Famous and the Howells, leave about an hour later and work together to get to the destination. The Cowboys depart a few minutes later and remind us that they must use their Express Pass during this leg. Last to hit the road are the Globetrotters and the Cousins. It looks like we’ve got ourselves a race!

Detour! Donkey Run is a donkey race where teams must race their donkeys three laps around the course before a band stops playing. Donkey Build requires teams to assemble a wooden donkey and deliver it to the woodworker to receive their next clue. Brendon and Rachel choose Donkey Run, and Rachel ends up chasing her donkey around the course until Brendon also falls off. I just wish the other teams were there to see this.

Oh look! The Howells arrive.  I’m sure donkey racing is just like polo matches, so they should do just fine. Rachel and Brendon finish the Detour and are sent on foot to search for their next clue. When they arrive, they see a Double U-Turn. They choose to U-Turn the Howells because they saw them right behind. It’s a dumb move since the Howells have plenty of time to complete both tasks, but whatever.

The Cowboys go straight to the end of the Detour to hand in their Express Pass and are now in second place behind Brendon and Rachel so that they can reach the U-Turn in time to U-Turn someone else. The Howells see that they’re on the U-Turn board and have to U-Turn someone else—the Cousins. They see the Cousins on the way down a hill and explain why they did what they did, and both teams work together to complete the donkey construction task. Aww, that’s nice. My Family Is Famous arrive and it’s one big happy family again.


Meanwhile, the Globetrotters are lost. Very lost. Uh oh lost.

Roadblock! Copy a page from an ancient manuscript, complete with gold leafing and calligraphy. Rachel takes this one, and she’s an “artist” who did calligraphy when she was “younger.” When the Cowboys arrive, the local monks borrow their hats because why the heck not. Oh wow, those monks are super picky about the calligraphy. Rachel’s got rejected for being inconsistently thin and thick. She gets it on her second try and receive a clue to ride a funicular to the town center and run to the pit stop at a piazza.

The Globetrotters try the Donkey Run, but those noble beasts aren’t going anywhere with giant basketball players on their backs so they switch tasks. Unfortunately, the Cousins have already finished so that puts the Globetrotters solidly in last place. Not to get into too many gruesome details, but the construction project didn’t go so good, either. So the Globetrotters switched back to the donkey races. They complete the task to cheers from the crowd and try to get themselves back in contention.


Brendon and Rachel check in as Team Number One, with the Cowboys in second place. My Family Is Famous gets lost on the way to the pit stop, and it looks like the Howells messed up, too. But they all get back on track with the Cousins somehow checking in third, the Howells fourth, and My Family Is Famous fifth.

That leaves the Globetrotters in last place, checking in after sunset and we all know that it’s never good to check in after sunset. They have been eliminated from the race.

Next week, everyone makes fun of Brendon and Rachel and form an alliance to get them eliminated.

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