Mad Men Recap: What’s Happening, Peggy?

Mad Men Ad AgencyDon wakes up for another busy day of nowhere to go and nothing to do. He watches “The Little Rascals,” eats some Ritz Crackers, marks his booze levels and watches a cockroach amble into his bedroom. And then, Dawn delivers some papers and office gossip in exchange for money. It’s almost like Don’s a work addict looking for his next fix, and it’s uncomfortable to watch.

It’s Sally Draper And The Case Of The Insane Eyebrows! And then it’s Peggy And The Awful Hat!

Peggy received a dozen card-less roses from… someone, but they’re not for her. She pretty much just took them off of her secretary’s desk, as if Shirley couldn’t possibly get a bouquet of flowers. She then leaves a cryptic message for Ted.

Sally lost her purse in a head shop in the village, so she wanders into her father’s office… to find someone other than her father. Some guy named Lou actually, who we guess is the new Don? Awkward? Sally tries to track down Joan, but she is at lunch. So she leaves, confused, and waits for Don at his apartment. He’s thrilled to have something to do— drive Sally back to school.

Somehow Dawn gets demoted to the front desk for not intercepting Sally and it is revealed that Lou, who is the new Don, does not like sharing a secretary with the old Don. But Joan fixes everything and puts the ditzy blonde chick from the front desk in Dawn’s place as Lou’s secretary, which he’s going to hate in about five minutes. You know who else is not a fan of the personnel switcheroo? Burt Cooper, who doesn’t like his receptionist.

California is not as sunny as it sounds. Pete is frustrated because every time he brings in new business, someone in New York undermines the account. Also, there are only two offices and Ted has the better one and doesn’t have any interest or ambition in branching out to bigger and better… things.

The car ride up to Sally’s school gets uncomfortable when they both realize that they are lying. But Sally has the trump card with Don’s affair, so she wins this round. Don eventually comes clean about taking a break from work, and Sally’s sharp enough to see that if Don’s not working and he’s not in California, he doesn’t really want to be with Megan anymore.

Peggy’s drunk. She angrily ignores Ted’s call and then learns that the flowers were never hers. But instead of being apologetic, perhaps a little humbled, she lashes out at her secretary and demands that Joan give her a new “girl.” And then it sinks in that she left that insane message for Ted, and… ouch. Poor sad, lonely Peggy. She’s trying to be like the men, only what might look good on Lou doesn’t suit her very well.

Joan gets a job offer from Jim. He realizes that Joan is actually working, like, five different jobs and would be a great “account man” and tells her that an office upstairs is open if she wants to make a move. Then Dawn gets Joan’s old office and takes on a new role as the head of personnel. Hmm. Dawn for the win!

Next week, Harry Crane, Joan in fetching floral and Don’s surroundings get even darker.

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