Survivor, Episode 12: Rustle Feathers

survivor episode 12

Last week on Survivor, Tyson used his immunity idol for no good reason and Caleb was sent to Redemption Island. Back at camp, Hayden points out the obvious, that Tyson has this game locked up, and Gervase flips out because he thinks that he’s the one in charge. But enough of that, let’s go to the Redemption Island Arena.

It’s the old build-a-house-of-cards challenge. The first two to reach eight feet move on, the loser is out. In the arean we’ve got Tina, Laura, and Caleb. Build a sturdy base, people!  But not too big, or you’ll run out of cards. Tina sucks at this, and Laura is nearly finished. At seven-and-a-half feet, the cards start coming down but she recovers quickly and is the first one to finish the challenge. Because the challenge is taking too long, it becomes whomever has the highest stack of cards. With two minutes left in the duel, Caleb moves ahead. But with thirty seconds left, his entire tower comes crashing down and Caleb is eliminated from the game.

Laura gives the clue to the hidden idol to Ciera and for some stupid reason she decides to read it with Tyson, Gervase, and Monica. They all go looking for it and of course Tyson finds it again and shoves it in his crotch instead of sharing with the others. He’s happy because “now I can take a nap again.”

The immunity challenge is a balance beam thing with a ball on a pole and then a throwing thing to knock stuff down challenge. And in case the contestants weren’t completely comfortable, the winner gets to host an ice cream social. This is so a Monica-type challenge. She has a small lead with Gervase close behind. But Gervase is really good at knocking things down and handily wins the challenge. Because he’s a gentleman, when he has the opportunity to choose two people to join him for ice cream, he chooses Monica and Tyson because they were second and third in the challenge.

survivor episode 12 challenge

Now if Gervase was smart, he’d use this opportunity of safety to get rid of Tyson. Oh, except Tyson has another immunity idol.  Hayden tries his best to convince Ciera and Gervase to vote out Tyson, but they won’t budge. So we pretty much know what’s going to happen at Tribal Council. There’s a little tussle over Ciera at Tribal because she knows that she’s at the bottom of her alliance. Except her only option is to end in a rock-drawing three-three vote.

Survivor episode 12 tribal council

Hayden, Hayden, Monica, Monica, Hayden, Monica. It’s a tie. That means there’s a revote, where Ciera will have a chance to change her mind. Monica, Hayden, Monica, Hayden. According to Jeff, per the rules of Survivor, the four voters have to unanimously choose a person to be voted out or they will have to draw rocks. So Hayden and Monica will be safe, and Gervase will be safe since he has immunity. That leaves Katie, Ciera, and Tyson on the chopping block. Of course they can’t reach an agreement, so bring on the rocks! Wow! Katie draws the white rock and she’s going home.

Next week, Ciera tries to convince Monica that her alliance ain’t so tight.

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