MasterChef Season 4 Episode 16: Rabbit vs. Pigeon

Masterchef Season 4 Episode 16

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The eight remaining cooks have been dumped in the wilderness, forced to climb a hill and bond with nature. It’s time for them to show the judges that they can cook without the luxuries of the Master Chef kitchen. They must spend the night in the middle of nowhere and prepare a delicious camping knie flint cast iron skillet and a wooden spoon. Bri and Natasha are team captains. Red Team Bri selects James, Eddie, and Luca. Natasha Blue Team picks Jordan, Jessie, and Krissi. But Gordon is an ass and switches the team captains, causing automatic friction between Bri and Krissi. Bri chooses three rabbits as their protein, and Natasha’s team has pigeons.

Quail eggs, carrots, a little bit of oil, spices, vegetables, and a whole lot of nothing. Bri has an idea—braised rabbit and they can make fresh pasta out of flour, quail eggs, and…is that it? Over at the red team, there’s a lack of ideas. When nature’s light goes out, the blue team continues butchering the meat and plans their pasta dish and the red team is test-roasting one of the pigeons.

The next morning, the blue team’s rabbit is braising and Krissi explains that she will have to make the pasta about forty-five minutes before service, which, yeah. Scary. The red team explains to Gordon that spit-roasting their pigeons will cause the meat to fall off the bone with deliciousness.

With one minute left, Luca’s freaking his team out about a sauce, and Bri dumps an entire plate on the ground. Vegetarians, amirite?  The blue team scrambles to poach food from the other plates and ends up making a hot mess.

The blue team presents their braised rabbit ragu with quail egg pasta. Joe is impressed with the fresh pasta made in the wilderness, and Gordon finds the rabbit to be delicious. The red team serves up roasted pigeon with faro risotto and baby carrots. The pigeon is perfectly cooked—crispy on the outside, and pink on the inside.

The results will be delivered by colored smoke signal, because this is big budget television. Gordon is red, Joe is blue, and it’s down to Graham. The contestants are going blind staring at the sun, and then…red smoke! Pigeon beats rabbit. That means the blue team faces a Pressure Test. Twist! The Red Team decides which member of the Blue Team is safe from elimination.  They decide to save Krissi because everybody is confident that they can beat her in the end.

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So what’s this Dreaded Pressure Test all about? The three cooks will have one hour to cook six chocolate éclairs, which Graham calls a “mouthgasm of epic proportions.” Gawd. I haven’t thought about chocolate éclairs in forever, but now I can’t live without one. Okay, focus. Bake those éclairs!

Eggs are whipping, chocolate is melting, butter is beating….Bri’s pastries are undercooked, Jessie’s having trouble with the filling, and Jordan’s glazing looks like eew.

Bri brings up her tray of éclairs. Visually they look flat because they are undercooked, and Gordon has trouble finding the pastry on the inside, and the pastries fall apart in Graham and Joe’s hands. Jordan is next. His have plenty of filling, but it makes the éclair too sugary for Graham and Gordon’s liking. Finally, Jessie in her first ever Pressure Test. Her pastry is soggy, and there’s no cream on the inside. Gordon notices that her pastries are cracked down the middle due to the way she incorporated her eggs.

Jordan’s chocolate éclairs are tolerable enough to keep him around for another week. Jessie is also safe from elimination, which means Bri goes home. For a vegetarian, she’s alright. Just put a little bit of bacon on it.

Next week, a frantic tag team challenge and a Mystery Box filled with loved ones.

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