Halfway Through Arrested Development Season 4

Lucille 2 Arrested Development

There’s a lot to love about the new season of Arrested Development, starting with the fact that there is a new season. Here are a few of my favorite moments so far, with no real spoilers: 

Episode 1: A Michael Episode

  • I’m down to my last forgetmenow
  • Buster’s gold plated, bedazzled hook
  • The Peanuts music and the head hanging low as he walked past the door

Episode 2: A George Sr. Episode 

  • NLC: No Liability Corporation
  • Halliburton Teen
  • John Slattery: Oh Lizard! Look! A lizard! 
  • Lucille’s workaround the building’s strict no smoking policy

Episode 3: A Lindsay Episode 

  • Mall Mountain
  • “I’m not a whore, I don’t get any of the money until after I do the disgusting thing.” 
  • James “I Don’t Sell” Carr(s) 
  • NINJA loan: No Income, No Jobs, No Assets. 
  • Suckled at her champagne glass breasts
  • Lindsay and Tobias’s beds (Hooray for Tobias)

Episode 4: A Michael Episode 

  • Scott Baio and Henry Winkler, lawyering
  • Ron Howard casting the Andy Griffith Show movie
  • Ron Howard’s armpit sweat stains
  • “Unless you’re looking or a Bob Mackie original….”

Episode 5: A Tobias Episode 

  • Tobias’s halter sarong with denim shorts underneath 
  • “But let’s be honest, Michael, for 2000 rupees we’d both go down on Matthew McConaughey”
  • Billy Crystal Meth

Episode 6: A George Sr. Episode

  • “I’m not a limo driver, I’m a gentleman honey farmer.”
  • Lucille talking dirty to George Sr. is making me wretch

Episode 7: A Gob Episode

  • and Jeremy Piven
  • “My wedding’s going to be religiously epic and expensive which is why I need more of that stimmie money.”
  • Tony Wonder!
  • Feral Jesus

Episode 8: A Lindsay Episode 

  • “I think it’s just…not urine.”
  • “How was beg?”
  • “I’m for Lucille 2 4 Congres”
  • “I’ll be out on parole by the time you work up a tear.”


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