Best Ink 208: Be Ready For Anything

We’re down to five tattoo artists on Best Ink 2 (which airs on Oxygen on Wednesdays, 10/9C), and there’s not a bad one in the batch. Except Alli, of course.  The Flash Challenge this week requires the artists to endure an obviously staged car jacking. Why? Because this challenge is a product placement for Fast and Furious 6. They’re going to draw in the style of hyper-realism. The guest judge is Jason Seiler, a spectacular hyper-realistic artist. The winner gets $4,500 and first pick of skins for the Ink Challenge.

The artists only have one hour to complete their sketches.

Alli does not understand photorealism. Jerod is telling the story of the car jacking. Brittany has an awkward sketchy style. DJ is furiously scribbling against the clock. Teresa is having some trouble drawing hands.

DJ Sketch Best Ink Season 2 Episode 8 Fast and Furious Flash Challenge

DJ’s Sketch // Credit: Oxygen Media

Jerod Sketch Best Ink Season 2 Episode 8 Fast and Furious Flash Challenge

Jerod’s Sketch // Credit: Oxygen Media

Jason selects Jerod and DJ as the top two, and gives the prize to DJ.

For the Ink Challenge, the skins will bring very personal photos that will form the basis of a photorealistic tattoo. DJ chooses a skin who wants a tattoo that represents her grandfather, and her Puerto Rican pride. His selection was strategic due to her olive skin tone that will take the shading well. As a twist, the artists will not get to see the photos until one hour before they must start inking, and will have five hours to ink the tattoos.

When the artists arrive at their workstations, the skins reveal the photos. None of the photos are ideal, except for Jerod’s skin who brings a classic 1980s wedding photo. In fact, it’s almost like the skins are trying to sabotage their own tattoos. Teresa adds flowers to a photo of a woman standing in front of a giant sculpture. Brittany tries to figure out how to draw a photorealistic jellyfish. DJ struggles his skin’s photo, because it’s both blurry and narcissistic. Alli’s skin has to work with a photo of a race car and is arguing with her skin over size. Alli needs it to be huge on her back because of the details, and the skin wants it to be small on her ribs.

Brittany seems confused by her jellyfish and is clearly in danger of going home. DJ is kicking himself for choosing his skin. Jerod’s wedding portrait looks perfectly goofy. Alli’s race car tattoo is too floaty and lacks oomph. Teresa’s tattoo is gorgeous, but doesn’t match the photograph.

Brittany Jellyfish Tattoo Best Ink Season 2 Episode 8 Ink Challenge

Brittany’s Tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

The judges like the color in Brittany’s tattoo, but it needs much more texture.

DJ Puerto Rico Tattoo Best Ink Season 2 Episode 8 Ink Challenge

DJ’s Tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

DJ’s tattoo looks better than the photo, though the layout isn’t ideal.

Alli Racer Tattoo - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 8 Ink Challenge

All’s Tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

The judges are unhappy with the placement of Alli’s tattoo, and the shading is awkward.

Jerod Wedding Portrait Tattoo Best Ink Season 2 Episode 8 Ink Challenge

Jerod’s Tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Jerod’s tattoo needs more background to accent the portraits.

Teresa Temple Tattoo Best Ink Season 2 Episode 8 Ink Challenge

Teresa’s Tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

The judges love the look of Teresa’s tattoo, but it strays too far from photorealism.

The top two artists are DJ and Jerod. The win goes to Jerod, who will choose the bottom two artists. Jerod picks Brittany and Alli. Unfortunately, Brittany gave the judges no choice but to get rid of her this week.

Next week, the final four artists will…who knows. It’s a secret, but I’m guessing it involves tattoos.

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